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Valentino Eyeglasses for Women

Valentino™ - VA1018


$160.41 - $167.79

The history of the Italian brand Valentino began in the late 50s of the last century, but today the brand still remains one of the most demanded among men and women who are fans of a brilliant and chic lifestyle. For millions of people, Valentino is a symbol of Italian luxury and elegance created by the amazing designer Valentino Garavani. The collection of Valentino frames and sunglasses is produced by the successful American company Marchon Eyewear. All eyeglasses are fully consistent with the luxurious aesthetics inherent in the products of the fashion house. The designers used the updated shapes of the past decades and the recognizable elements of the Valentino brand: lace patterns, soft wave lines, clear lines that emphasize the beauty of the face. The use of decorative roses and the creation of original frames with bows are also characteristic.

The legendary “V” logo becomes a functional element on the temple-to-frame attachments, and on the contour of the frame, and it also acts as a decorative detail. For young and daring fans of the brand, the Rockstud line is intended, in which decorative rocker "rivets" are combined with soft and feminine elements. The creators of the eyewear collection see it as part of a single concept of the fashion house's style, embodied in clothes, shoes, bags, belts, bracelets, and other creations from Valentino.

The mood of a woman often depends on how she looks, and how others perceive her, and, of course, color plays an important role in the overall image. For the first time, Valentino Garavani spoke about 30 shades of red, which can be chosen by any capricious lady. Today he is a well-known fashion designer associated with luxury and elegance. Models of the latest collection fully comply with the principles of elegance and luxury inherent in the products of the fashion house. Designers use the shapes of past decades and recognizable elements of the brand's style: lace patterns, clear but feminine lines, soft waves, and elegant bows. The iconic “V” logo becomes a functional element on the temple attachments to the frame, on the frame contour, and also appears as a trim detail. Products of this brand are very popular today among those who would like to add a touch of luxury to their image.

The founder of the company is the famous Italian couturier Valentino Garavani, whose name became the name of the brand. Since 1960, the house of Valentino has been producing stylish, glamorous clothes and accessories that modern fashionistas are happy to buy.  Since then, the management and designers of the model house have changed several times. The temples of Valentino frames are made from premium quality plastic or metal. Thanks to this solution, each model of the brand has been successfully serving its owners for several years. In Valentino's assortment, you can find classic models of medical frames, made in soothing, neutral colors. However, in general, the company relies on originality and elegant forms. The range includes a variety of frames made in bright colors. These glasses will draw attention to you. Also popular are models made in colors with imitation of tortoiseshell or decorated with a pattern. Each season, the Valentino eyewear collection is replenished with new current models. Therefore, any client will be able to find an accessory to their liking: from round frames to classic oval

There are many reasons why you should choose Valentino glasses. Firstly, in the production of models, a lot of attention is paid to originality. Modern design combined with hints of retro style - all that can be said about Valentino glasses. All products from this brand are comfortable and functional, they are created taking into account the anatomical features, due to which they fit comfortably on the face. And of course, all women's Valentino glasses are of certified quality. The choice of premium quality brand glasses is made by both world-famous celebrities and representatives of other professions. The best option for correction is the selection of medical glasses. Glasses with diopters will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the world in detail. The Valentino range includes high-quality and functional medical frames. Every woman will be able to find an option to taste.

The main goal of the Valentino brand is to create things that would ideally emphasize sensuality and beautiful female forms. Valentino frames never cease to amaze their admirers with unexpected design solutions, attention to detail, and an original combination of different materials and textures. No less amazing is the color palette of the spectacle frames presented in the collection of this brand. It simply amazes with its diversity, richness, and magnetic appeal.  It is worth emphasizing that, despite bold ideas, innovation, and a modern approach, Valentino eyeglasses always retain their familiar classic style. EyeOn also has Valentino sunglasses on sale, which are chosen by modern women, in which the firmness of character is combined with romance and true femininity. Our online store guarantees a high level of service to each client. Our specialists will certainly take into account your wishes when buying glasses and, perhaps, offer the best options from other brands, such as Saint Laurent, or Guess, taking into account all your needs and desires.