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Square Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Women

Marc Jacobs™ - MARC 537


$104.74 - $112.91

Anne Klein™ - AK5060

$110.98 - $114.84

Burberry™ - Hart BE2319


$132.80 - $162.50

Burberry™ - Leah BE2338


$125.64 - $167.81

Flash Sale ends in

DKNY™ - DK3002


$107.11 - $124.64

Giorgio Armani™ - AR5110

$162.66 - $203.53

Guess™ - GU2795


$75.65 - $90.93

Moschino™ - MOS542

$122.30 - $144.97

Saint Laurent™ - SL 314

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 362

$378.75 - $408.75

Every season, designers come up with new fashionable glasses, giving new life to classic forms. So, the most traditional shapes of eyeglasses remain unchanged from year to year, but new images, new colors, new decor are invented for them, unique details and brand nuances are added, and new materials are used to make frames.

Manufacturers of spectacle frames are constantly looking for new, improved materials that would be not only durable and resistant to mechanical stress, but also safe for human health. The main advantage of metal frames is durability. High-quality metal frames must also meet such requirements as to corrosion resistance.

In fact, all well-known world brands have a line of eyewear made of various metal alloys. These frames are scratch-resistant, do not fade over time, and retain their properties in warmth and at low temperatures.

Square-shaped metal frames are one of the most classic and most often demanded creating an intelligent business image. Therefore, they are chosen and worn with pleasure by women who strive to give the impression of successful and professional ladies with sophisticated classic taste.