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Square Nylon Eyeglasses Frame for Women

Vogue™ - VO5190


$66.53 - $83.57

Aside from being used to improve vision, eyeglasses also provide a great way to add a touch of style to your look.

Fashionable optical boutiques offer a wide variety of optical accessories, among which there are women's glasses of any shape, from classic square models to designer novelties, both in terms of shape, design, and materials.

Many eminent designers use the square shape of glasses for their shows - it almost universally suits many face types and looks very minimalist and elegant. Recently, nylon glasses have become extremely fashionable. Nylon and various polymers based on it are lightweight and durable polyamide-based plastics. They are easy to change shape, extremely flexible, therefore a metal carcass is used to maintain the shape of the frames. Nylons are resistant to high and low temperatures and are practically scratch-resistant. Mostly nylons are used to make sports frames that fit the head tightly. Another important advantage of nylon is its hypoallergenic properties - nylon frames can be safely used by people with sensitive skin and a tendency to allergies. Our eyewear collection includes stylish nylon frames for women. The weightlessness of frames made of this material will appeal to those who wear eyeglasses every day without taking them off.