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Acetate Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Anne Klein™ - AK5049


$90.16 - $94.02

Anne Klein™ - AK5060

$110.98 - $114.84

Anne Klein™ - AK7040


$95.95 - $107.76

From the range of different plastic types Acetate, or Zylonite how it is also called, maybe the most commonly available material. Having high quality characteristics, it is quite inexpensive. This is a unique material as it gives wings to the designers' imagination like no other material. Currently you can find thousands lightweight acetate frames tinted in all colors of the rainbow, laminated, having different degrees of transparency, with fantastic textures and unbelievable patterns, including layers of mixed color combinations within one frame. Frames from zylonite are good for their hypoallergenic properties. It's okay that sometimes frames can break and their colors can fade with time - this happens with all things sooner or later. We should certainly enjoy all benefits of these plastic frames as they can create an excellent fashionable look for a little money.