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Horn Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Cartier™ - CT0046S Décor C

$3,195.00 - $3,395.00

Nowadays a wide range of materials is used for eyewear manufacturing. They are designed for different tastes and come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Eyeglass frames are produced from metal, wood, different plastics, precious metals, or natural materials. Each material offers different advantages when it comes to weight, flexibility, stability, and tactile perception. Maybe one of the oldest materials used for the creation of frames from time immemorial is the horn. Horn is a tried and tested material. Nowadays the horns of African and water buffaloes are used while in the past frames were made from the shells of turtles. For manufacturing of frames, the horn of some breeds of buffaloes is used including African and water buffaloes.

Usually, the material comes from the horns of buffaloes that are not listed as protected species. Since this material is natural there is a wide range of natural colors available. The spectrum ranges from gray and anthracite tones to shades of brown and even white horn. Moreover, the horn can be colored with dyes so that innumerable shades can be achieved. In manufacturing, the horns of old individuals are more valuable, since they are more varied in color, and their patterns are much more interesting for design concepts. Frames are cut from a single piece of horn or made from pressed layers. In addition, a partial horn finish with the addition of wood or leather is possible. Horn frames are outstandingly comfortable to wear, they are very gentle on the skin. This is a perfect choice for people with skin allergies.