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RB3025 Description & Specifications

Aviator Large Metal RB3025 Sunglasses by Ray-Ban™. Shape: Aviator, Material: Metal, Frame Type: Full Rim. This model is available in two hundred fifty one different color combinations and sizes. The legendary Ray-Ban brand has released the Chromance collection and once again invites everyone to try on the unique lifestyle that it has been the conductor of since its founding in 1937. Ray-Bans are more than just sunglasses, they are a way to express your own individuality. The Chromance collection, skillfully combining tradition and innovation, audacity and elegance, conciseness and expression, is another eloquent confirmation of this. Ray-Ban has a wealth of experience. The first Ray-Ban sunglasses were designed for pilots. They were designed to help pilots protect their eyes from sunlight, helping them better see the surrounding space. This fact is enough to understand the level of the company's technology and how it has evolved over the course of a century. To date, the popularity of Ray-Ban sunglasses is also due to the fact that they are chosen by Hollywood stars. Among the advantages of the accessory, high quality and originality of design are noted - the company focuses not only on high consumer properties but also on the stylish design of its models.

Model Aviator Large Metal RB3025
Size Options 62-14-140, 58-14-135, 55-14-135
Frame Material Metal
Frame Shape Aviator
Frame Type Full Rim
Type Sunglasses
Gender Unisex
Style Casual
Manufacturer Ray-Ban
Warranty 2 years

About Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban Chromance

Today, buying sunglasses from the Ray-Ban brand means declaring your own high status and ability to choose quality. However, in the past, Bausch & Lomb's products have been an indicator of professional affiliation, not social affiliation. The first optical instruments were created for US Air Force pilots and were not sold to the civilian population. Pilots needed reliable protection from cold wind and light. In 1937, Bausch & Lomb introduced something that became a classic- the Aviators. For the rest of the population, Ray-Ban created glasses only in 1952 in the Wayfarer frame.

Modern technologies, combined with current design developments, become those important advantages that are appreciated by brand customers. In addition to these features, it is worth noting that the original Ray-Ban sunglasses are highly durable. Therefore, they are resistant to wear and will retain their original appearance for a long time. The manufacturer's product range is extensive and constantly updated with current models. This means that both adherents of the classics and connoisseurs of fashion trends can find interesting options for accessories for themselves. But their main advantage is glass. The brand's optics are distinguished by light transmission from 4 to 80%. The lenses do not distort colors, correct the contrast of the perceived image, and do not tire the eyes during prolonged wear.

Ray-Ban - Chromance Collection

The Chromance collection offers both familiar designs and new silhouettes inspired by the brand's rich heritage. All models of the Ray-Ban in the eyewear line follow the principles inherent in the products of this company. Elegant retro shapes and soft lines are inherent in the brand's sunglasses. Most of the frames are made in soothing, neutral colors. It's perfect for everyday wear to work or university. Of course, this legendary brand has its imitators, but the quality of such products is much inferior to real Ray-Ban sunglasses. By purchasing original models, you choose reliability and unique design.

is special?

Huge Assortment

It is no secret that the company pays great attention to the design of sunglasses, in particular, to the shape and colors. Therefore, Ray-Ban glasses can be seen on Hollywood stars.

Production features

Ray-Ban sunglasses are made using thin titanium alloy, polyamide or carbon fiber, which, combined with advanced optical technology, makes models incredibly light and strong.


Chromance sunglasses are the perfect balance of lines and shapes, timeless classics, ready to become a weighty and always appropriate accent in almost any wardrobe.

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