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Ray-Ban Glasses and Eyewear

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For over 140 years, Bausch & Lomb has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of optical products. The Ray-Ban brand, being the brainchild of Bausch & Lomb, is known for its sunglasses and frames of the highest quality. Ray-Ban eyewear has become famous all over the world for its superior optical properties, quality, and timeless style. Impeccable implementation, innovative design, and time-tested technology - all this is about Ray-Ban whose history originates in the distant twenties of the last century. The brand's name is associated with flights, constant discovery, and search for new solutions for almost 90 years.

The launch of Ray-Ban fell in the era of aviation development when there was a need for glasses that correct vision during flights and protect the eyes from adverse effects in conditions of increased stress. At the request of American military aviation, Bausch & Lomb specialists have developed a lens with powerful optical properties that can improve vision and protect the eyes from the blinding rays of the sun during flights. As a result, the first products for pilots with tinted lenses appeared on sale. The first frame was plastic, a year later, Bausch & Lomb added impact-resistant lenses and then made metal frames. Sunglasses got their legendary name - Ray-Ban Aviators. Thus a new brand was born.

Destination everywhere

During the long history of the brand's existence, Ray-Ban sunglasses were the most wearable among music and film stars, famous athletes, and other prominent people including presidents. Each new generation discovers amazing novelties from Ray-Ban while the reputation and recognizable style of the brand keep it on top for decades. The undoubted advantages of the brand are carefully crafted details of products, unique production methods, ease of fitting frames, and an amazing variety of frames and colors for every taste. State-of-the-art technologies combined with cutting-edge design developments are important advantages that Ray-Ban customers appreciate.

Ray-Ban eyewear is loved for its sophisticated style and quality, and even the brightest sun does not have power over Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban is the constant symbol of style and elegance, masculinity and sophistication, romance and sensuality. In Europe, the brand has gained particular fame since the acquisition of its rights to it by the Italian company Luxottica Group. The new owners have maintained tradition and continued the production of glass lenses. As the world's largest eyewear corporation, Luxottica provides total quality control and uses advanced modern technologies when creating striking Ray-Ban sunglasses for men, women, and kids.


Ray-Ban belongs to Italian concern Luxottica Group  - a leader in the manufacture of high-quality, exclusive and sports safety glasses. Every year, the legendary Ray-Ban brand produces iconic models featuring original shapes and lenses made of the high-end contemporary materials. Annual collections showcase the endless search for innovations and creation of original style. Each new generation discovers timeless Ray-Ban style, and this can be easily seen by looking through any fashion magazine. Take a look at the photos of famous people in sunglasses on the Internet and you will find that most of them will be in classic Aviators or Wayfarers. The history, reputation and style of the Ray-Ban have supported the brand at the pinnacle of popularity since 1929. For decades Ray-Ban sunglass collections are at the top between eyewear of other popular brands. 

Ray-Ban Eyewear

According to  the statistics of Luxottica there are 8 million customers a year. Almost a hundred-year success story continues: pilots, drivers, actors, athletes, film stars, celebrities and politics are happy to wear glasses of this brand that satisfy every taste, even the most demanding one. Ray-Ban glasses are known for lenses with a special  gradient mirror coating which is the brand’s own development. Ray-Ban eyewear is an embodiment of the most fashionable tendencies and a symbol of style which is always in demand for filmmakers - no one can count the number of main characters in movies who wore Ray-Ban glasses. The huge assortment of glasses is striking - there are glasses for men, women and kids, for any status, style and age. The most popular among this diversity are Aviator and Wayfarer shapes which can boast a long history. These glasses are everlasting classics which are always in vogue and actual.


Without doubts Ray-Ban sunglasses can be called cult. For more than 80 years of the brand’s existence, the accessory has been worn by millions of people. The most famous Ray-Ban model is the Aviators. In 1937 with this iconic model a success story of the brand began. The first Ray Ban glasses were created for pilots of the US Air Force. Sun glare blinded the eyes of pilots, causing problems to their health. Little by little Aviator sunglasses moved from a professional attribute to a stylish accessory, and a year later the brand expanded the catalog with Ray Ban Outdoorsman model for outdoor activities. Even during World War II, production did not stop. Moreover, the fashion for army and navy clothing supported the release of thematic accessories.

Ray-Ban Eyewear

The next model was the Wayfarer sunglasses, and they countless times lit up in classic cinematography. Gradually, Ray Ban glasses conquered pop culture. Special collections were designed both for men and women. By the end of the sixties, Ray Ban sunglasses reached the number of 50 models for different needs. Among others, the Meteor and Laramie series with an almond-shaped frame stood out. Disco culture became the leitmotif of the Ray Ban collections in the seventies. Vagabond and Stateside sunglasses with mirrored lenses embodied the extravagance and sharpness of the epoch. Anti-reflective coating of  Ray Ban glasses which softened the blinding of snow, protected from wind and rain was in demand among mountaineers and fans of winter sports.

In 1978, Ray Ban came up with a new know-how: the iconic Aviator came with photochromic chameleon-glasses, which darkened and changed color depending on the lighting and temperature. For more than twenty years, the most famous sunglasses in the world have been created in Italy. Luxottica remained faithful to Ray-Ban tradition and completely kept the glass lens manufacturing technology, which has been kept a secret for over 10 years. In addition, Italian designers have brought a fresh stream to the appearance of frames. In addition to the production of legendary classic models, Luxottica began to invent a number of new directions, replenishing the sunglasses market with its high-quality novelties of various styles. Ray-Ban glasses are extremely diverse - along with classic and universal models, there are modern and fashionable models, as well as models for driving a car and playing sports.