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Lens Size: 45mm Glasses

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Just like a perfectly tailored dress or suit, a pair of glasses should be properly fit for the wearer. A proper fitting frame is essential for clear vision and comfortable all-day wear. But how to find the right size? Of course, you may visit the local optical store, choose a pair of spectacles they have in stock, try them on to see how they fit, and pay an exorbitant price for them. Dubious advantage, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’ve got a much better idea! Select from our incredible collection of designer optical frames, made by world-famous brands, such as Tom Ford, Barton Perreira, D&G, ic! berlin, Burberry, etc., which are offered in an array of sizes at a reasonable and fair price.

We’ve created a quick and easy guide to getting the right fit, which is unique for every person depending on a face shape, head size, feature distribution, etc. Typically, an optical frame is noted as eye size – bridge width – temple length. For example 45mm – 18mm – 130mm. The eye size of most eyeglass frames ranges from 40 mm to 62 mm. You can use the dimensions of your previous reading glasses to pick up a perfect new pair. So, if the first specified number is 45 mm, then you’re at the right place. Here, we’ve collected the best eyeglasses with your appropriate size from the most reputed eyewear brands in the industry. Discover the assortment and find a new pair of standout reading glasses.