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Sunglasses 45mm Lens

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Sunglasses or prescription glasses are one of the main accessories in a modern look. Helping to favorably emphasize facial features, they simultaneously indicate the status of the owner, as well as the presence or absence of taste. Glasses can even help create the image of a successful person, of course, if you choose them correctly, paying attention to the shape of the glasses that suit your style, the quality of materials, and finishes. Choosing the right model of sunglasses is already part of the success because then you can enjoy comfortable wearing, your eyes will be reliably protected from ultraviolet radiation, and at the same time, there is a chance to enhance your appearance and stand out from the crowd. For complete perfection, you just need to decide on the correct frame size.

Wearing glasses that are too wide or too narrow is fraught with the fact that they will look unaesthetic, press on the temples, causing a headache, or slide off the face with every movement. When choosing a specific model, you need to take into account the lens width, nose bridge distance, and temple length. All these parameters are indicated by the manufacturer on the temples of the glasses from the inside. For example, the first figure 45 indicates the width of the lens, the second figure will indicate the nose bridge distance, etc. You can make the right choice of glasses using the parameters of the previous frame or by measuring your face yourself. A correctly selected frame will bring you only positive emotions.