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Eyeglasses 45mm Lens

Guess™ - GU9181

$78.15 - $80.33

Every modern person uses many accessories - bags, umbrellas, gloves, eyeglasses, belts, watches, jewelry, and much more. All these fashionable details can add mood and relieve boredom. Sometimes a seemingly small accent in clothes - a bright handbag or glasses in a tortoiseshell frame - can significantly affect the image, high it up, make it spectacular. Glasses are especially noticeable and have a huge impact on the image. In addition to the function of correcting vision or protecting the eyes from sunlight, glasses are increasingly used as a fashion accessory. Moreover, some people, even having excellent eyesight, use glasses exclusively as an accent, an image detail that emphasizes style and complements a fashionable look.

This expansion of functionality has significantly influenced the value of glasses in the life of a modern person, and optics stores have turned into fashion studios, where fashionistas, having bought a new suit and dress, come immediately to select glasses that match the style of the newly purchased items.

A prerequisite for the selection of glasses is knowing your frame size. Information about the parameters of a frame is most often marked on the left temple from the inside, less often on the bridge between the lenses, and includes lens width (45 for example), nose bridge distance (18), and temple length (133). By summing these indicators, you will get the width of the frame. You can measure the width of your face at eye level from temple to temple, and you will always know the frame width you need.