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Aviator Plastic Sunglasses Frame for Men

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Products: 124 of 189


The popular model of Aviators glasses is a stylized drop-shaped frame with thin tinted glasses that reliably protect the eyes from exposure to sunlight and glare. The lenses in these glasses are large enough, thanks to which not only the eyes are protected, but also part of the face. They have a slightly convex shape and are placed on a thin bridge. Any of the Aviator models - and there is currently a huge variety of them - always looks fashionable and stylish, thanks to the combination of large lenses and a thin metal or plastic frame with elegant comfortable temples.

Aviator sunglasses got their name for their similar exterior to pilot goggles - they were indeed first developed for the United States Air Force and were intended for pilots to protect their eyes from the blinding sun and glare during combat flights. Over time, the model has undergone some changes: not only metal but also plastic options have appeared, the colors of frames and lenses are also varied, which can be either mirrored or gradient, or even translucent. Wearing mirrored Aviator sunglasses, you can stand out from the crowd and make an indelible impression on those around you. This model is preferred by many stylish men, as with the help of this accessory anyone can easily emphasize masculinity and look very impressive. In addition, these sunnies provide reliable protection for the eyes and the skin around the eyes.