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Aviator Wood Sunglasses Frame for Men

With a correctly chosen accessory, you can emphasize your attractiveness or successfully hide a certain flaw in appearance, and the quality and design of the glasses can say a lot about their owner. The most sophisticated and expensive glasses are made from natural materials such as wood or horn. Such raw materials are very expensive and the frames are made of it, as well as polishing and finishing are done by hand.

Classically shaped accessories made from natural and luxurious materials, such as Aviator sunglasses in wooden frames, unmistakably define the style and status of a man and are a bright accent that will make him stand out from the crowd.

Aviators first saw the light of day in the 40s of the last century and, being originally intended for pilots, were made of metal. Their versatility and stylish appearance have made them one of the most popular models. The design feature of this model is the thin edging of the frame, which gives the glasses subtlety and grace. Today, these glasses are a unisex accessory that is gaining more and more admirers every day.

The shape of the Aviator model is a perfect match for masculine looks, and in addition to a stunningly stylish look, it ensures the utmost comfort and protection from the blinding sun.