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Metal Sunglasses Frame for Men & Women

Tiffany™ - TF3066

$190.08 - $195.25

Prada™ - PS 52VS

$151.75 - $175.46

Balenciaga™ - BB0087SK

$207.17 - $210.71

The appearance of sunglasses, weight, lifetime, as well as some other characteristics depend on the choice of material from which the spectacle frame is made. The main materials used in manufacturing of sunglass frames are plastics and metals. One of the most multipurpose and durable among modern materials is metal or different metal alloys. There is a whole array of metals to consider. Metals come with a distinctive set of properties and characteristics. When it comes about selection between metal or plastic sunglasses there is a series of arguments for and against metal frames. First of all it is believed that metal is stronger than plastic. Designers have the possibility to make almost invisible frames and more sophisticated design from metal as metal is thinner then plastic. It is also stronger and looks more technological and, therefore, more contemporary. One of the main requirements for metal spectacle frames is corrosion resistance, low weight, and durability. Metal spectacle frames are usually made from a combination of various materials: one metal is used as the base (for the main structure of the spectacle frame itself), other metals or alloys can be used for coating. A growing number of metal frames are made of hypoallergenic nickel-free alloys. Modern technologies allow the metal to be painted in the brightest and most varied colors, and this also applies to titanium frames.