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Butterfly Sunglasses for Women

Burberry™ - BE4270

$143.68 - $162.31

Burberry™ - BE4270F

$140.07 - $155.81

Burberry™ - BE4294

$143.68 - $254.00

Ralph Lauren™ - RA4129

$72.92 - $142.48

Ralph Lauren™ - RA4131

$80.11 - $85.24

Ralph Lauren™ - RA5260

$72.37 - $131.93

There are forms of sunglasses that never go out of style. Frame material, frame thickness, lens tinting and width, and even color combinations may change, but once invented contour remains invariable for decades. Butterfly design turned out to be very successful for ladies' faces. It favorably emphasizes feminine features, adding attractive appeal and intriguing mystery to the wearer of sunglasses. Legendary actresses Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn wore Butterflies, enjoying the admiring glances of fans. Some high-ranking ladies were so fascinated by this form that they changed their style and their image. Modesty and political correctness do not allow us to name them. As moths fly to the fire, women are drawn to Butterflies.

Let's understand the secret of the Butterfly's charm. This shape of the frame got its name because of the sharp corners extended to the temples, resembling the wings of a butterfly. This form is quite specific, so ladies should be extremely careful in choosing an accessory. Butterflies are presented in a huge variety of interpretations. World-famous brands compete with each other to create more and more charming models. Dolce & Gabbana offers fairly thick frames painted in leopard skin. Predatory women have a peculiar charm. Their wildness hides the primordial power of the females. Leopard Lady Butterflies make a lasting impression on some men who crave strong erotic experiences. But this is not the only option.

Renowned designers spend their precious time and energy experimenting with this frame shape. Today there is a large family of Butterflies in different designs, colors and materials, like the variety of insects of the same name, whose beauty has fascinated man since ancient times. Brave Trinity from The Matrix wears narrow-rimmed sunglasses, and her imitators can find similar frames in the collections of Alexander McQueen and Emporio Armani. Standard Butterflies mean the average thickness of the frame, but there are a lot of variations within these limits. Manufacturers make the corners more or less sharp, lengthen or shorten the frame, expand it to the bridge of the nose or to the corners. But this is not the limit.

There is a large family of wide frames. The massive wings of such Butterflies are able to cover half of the face, making the image more mysterious and enigmatic. Lovely girls can opt for the whimsical wing contours of the rimless models. Does it always match the image and complement the style? Guys love to give their girlfriends extravagant sunglasses with or without a reason. More often than other forms, Butterflies and Cat-Eyes are such gifts. However, boys do not always understand the secrets of female charm, so they give accessories whose designs do not match well with the styles of their girls. A loving woman wears such a gift, suffering from discomfort and inadequacy. One must know how to choose such a delicate gift.

It is necessary to pay attention to what purpose sunglasses are bought. If this is an accessory for the beach, there are not so many requirements for it. The main thing is that sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and sit well on your nose. This is guaranteed by original models of the reputable manufacturers. An essential component of wearing comfort is the right size. If the chosen model is an addition to a unique style and even outlook, the lady must take into account many nuances. The main one of them is the contour of the face. Classic Butterflies are suitable for chubby women. They effectively correct the contour of the face if its width and length are almost the same. Due to the spread of the wings, the upper part seems wider.

Narrow Butterflies will appeal to ladies with narrow foreheads. Such sunglasses create a slight disproportion between the lower and upper parts of the face, which makes the forehead appear higher. The wide frame is a model for a pear-shaped contour that also balances the top and bottom. However, the type of face is not the only selection criterion. Butterflies with heavy horn rims are not suitable for short women with a small head, unless they are going to shock others. The assortment of various models should be large in the place where you choose the perfect Butterfly for yourself. The bigger, the better. It is highly desirable that the online store also provides a wide selection of famous brands. Butterflies for your eyes can be made of acetate, metal or plastic.

Butterflies can visually stretch round eyes, bringing them closer to the almond shape. Persian eyes are considered the standard of female beauty. The lower part of the face looks longer, and the extraordinary shape can distract from minor flaws. Angular and elongated shapes with asymmetrical elements make an unusual and interesting impression. In the portfolio of reputable brands, there are very exotic options. Trapezoidal, rectangular, tapering towards the center and expanding towards the temples, such Butterflies may not be found in nature, but they are represented in the collections of Chloe, Calvin Klein, C-Life, and other world-famous manufacturers. Beautiful ladies can look elegant and unique if they know where to buy the right accessories.