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Wrap Sunglasses for Men & Women

Champion™ - ACT

$65.88 - $89.69

ESS™ - CDI EE9002

$55.99 - $124.66

ESS™ - CDI Max EE9003

$55.99 - $90.68

ESS™ - Crowbar EE9019

$72.75 - $152.51

The world is spinning, and we're spinning with it. But even if everything goes away and changes with metagalactic speed, when it comes to fashion it is proved to be cyclical.

At our surprise one day we discover things which have been forgotten for decades are again in trend.

This is certainly true for wrap-around or close-fitting sunglasses which have connection to striking oversized models from the sixties. The idea is the same - to cover as much eyes area as possible and to fit densely. Because of their distinctive semi-circular wraparound design these sunglasses feature maximum protection from sun, wind, dust or rain which is achieved by tightly fitting to a face. The wraparound style means that sun rays creep neither through lenses nor through the sides. Wide lenses prevent UV rays from every angle.

They're usually made of lightweight durable materials and are aimed to cling firmly on a face, which is possible by the head bracing with the curved frame.

A lot of sport professionals, active and dynamic people opt for these sunglasses as they bring a high level of comfort, nice fitting and offer wider field of vision.

For others, both men and women, who do not involved into sports activity, wrap-around sunglasses considered to be a stunning accessory making them look truly superb