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Adidas Eyeglasses for Women

Adidas™ - OR5006

$75.65 - $78.08

Adidas™ - OR5016

$81.72 - $84.15

Adidas™ - SP5001

$73.21 - $82.41

Adidas™ - SP5002

$73.21 - $82.41

Adidas™ - SP5006

$76.86 - $79.29

The history of the Dassler brothers began in the twenties of the last century, when their family decided to start sewing orthopedic shoes for training disabled athletes. This production was in demand among veterans of the First World War, and it was made from old military uniforms and tires. Later, the company started the production of spiked athletic shoes for athletes. So in 1928 a new spike model was developed, designed for running short and long distances. In 1947, the Dassler brothers decided to break off business relations and divide the business: their elder brother Rudolph became the owner of Puma, and Adolf became the proud owner of Adidas. In early 1948, after the death of their father, the brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler had a fateful quarrel, and they decided to completely stop cooperation.

Each of them opens his own company. On August 18, 1949, Adolf Dassler formally founded Adidas. Adi Dassler has strived all his life to create the perfect shoe for every sport, that's why the brand's famous motto was: "Impossible is Nothing". This expression best emphasizes the purpose and strategy of the company. The worldwide recognition and popularity of the brand inspired Adidas to a new direction – the production of sunglasses and frames. The brand's eyewear collection includes eyeglasses for women and men that attract with their progressive design combined with the latest technology and impeccable workmanship. Stylish and modern accessories of the famous German brand can be found in the EyeOns catalog.

The world-famous German brand Adidas is one of the leaders among sportswear brands. The company is engaged in the production of clothing, footwear, and accessories not only for sports but also for everyday life. Officially, Adidas was founded in 1949, but its history began in the twenties when the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory produced house slippers. The two brothers Adolph and Rudolph worked side by side to develop new models. This is how sports shoes were added to the company's assortment. In 1925, Adolf Dassler produced the world's first spiked shoe. And already in the mid-30s, the company's products became the standard of German footwear. EyeOns online store offers a wide variety of original designs, sizes and colors of eyeglasses for beautiful ladies.

The Adidas logo in the form of three stripes is what makes the brand's products recognizable. Today it is a real symbol of sports achievements, a sign of high quality and progressive technologies. It is known that the company has been using such a logo since 1952, although initially the shoes with three stripes were made by the Finnish brand Karhu, from which Adolf bought the rights for using in the logo. Please note that all models of eyeglasses for beautiful ladies are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for the eyes and delicate female skin. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. Comfort means health. Be free and confident in any situation!

Today, Adidas AG is the largest manufacturer of a wide range of top-quality sports goods. Among the brand's accessories, sunglasses and optical frames for men and women play a special role. Eyeglass models captivate with their elegance. Their style is always original, fresh, and the quality is at an impeccable level. Interesting design solutions, such as rubber inserts in the temples, bring originality to the products and emphasize their sporting and urban purpose. And the bright and trendy color scheme increases the popularity of eyeglasses among an active young audience. The famous German brand appeals to ladies who prefer an active lifestyle. Wear Adidas eyeglasses while driving, riding, cycling, shopping, meeting friends and exercising.

Use the convenient search engine. Filters by material, frame shape, frame type and frame color are at your disposal. With their help, beautiful ladies will easily find the perfect model that will complement their unique style. The brand portfolio includes accessories for round, oval, rectangular, square and other face types. On our website, you will also choose the correct size for lens width, bridge width and temple length. Regardless of the materials used, design or size, we guarantee the impeccable quality of the original, reasonable prices and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands represented in our catalog – Marc Jacobs, Marchon NYC, Marciano, and so on. Welcome to the club of true aristocrats!