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Browline Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 333


Browlines or Clubmasters, as they were called later, are widely known vintage glasses which are timelessly popular. You will never confuse this shape with any other glasses shapes, because of its unique frame design. The upper part of the frame has a thick plastic line of dark or contrast color, which imitates natural brow line, while the lower part of the frame is edged with thin metallic carcass remaining non accented. Mix of two materials makes this model peculiar and highly recognizable.

This shape of glasses became popular in sixties and was associated with political figures and intellectual counterculture.

During decades there were periods of falling and revival of Browlines. They lived through some changes and modifications which made them even more popular.

The new model of Browlines, called Clubmaster, stepped out into the world in 1986. It was named after Afroamerican musicians, which masterly played jazz in clubs.

Now Browline are worn not only by jazzmen or politics. Thanks to rich palette of colors, these sunglasses are fine for formal or informal occasions.

It suits both men and women and surely add unexcelled chic and elegance to wearer.