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Carrera 2020 Eyewear Collection

Carrera™ - 2019/T

$68.97 - $71.06

Carrera™ - 8039/S

$95.59 - $113.40

Carrera™ - 8040/S

$95.59 - $113.40

Carrera™ - 8849

$75.08 - $81.08

Carrera™ - 8850

$76.58 - $79.08

Carrera™ - 8851

$72.07 - $79.08

Carrera™ - 8852

$72.07 - $76.07

Carrera™ - 8854

$79.08 - $81.08

Carrera™ - 8855

$80.58 - $81.08

Carrera™ - 1034/S

$91.59 - $113.06

Carrera™ - 2021T/S

$70.14 - $72.28

Carrera™ - 4016/S

$85.09 - $109.05

Carrera™ - 1031/S

$124.12 - $126.08

Carrera is a world-renowned eyewear brand with a rich heritage and a mission to create one-of-a-kind, sporty-style glasses with luxury appeal. Founded in Austria in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger, the brand has quickly become synonymous with outstanding quality and high standards. The company, which was named after the Carrera Panamericana, a popular auto race, has initially specialized in manufacturing sportswear and helmets. From the humble beginning, Mr. Anger was focused on the quality of the materials and technological innovations. In 1964, the company patented Optyl, a new plastic that was lighter than glass lenses but still featured strong optics. This is how Wilhelm Anger created his first aviators with interchangeable lenses.

CARRERA - New Capsule Collection Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN

Today, Carrera is a trademark that belongs to Safilo Group S.p.A., one of the world’s largest eyewear companies. The brand is rewriting its own history by updating its iconic eyewear models with new volumes and proportions, creating fresh glasses that make an epic style statement. Combining classic silhouettes with a touch of urban luxury, Carrera offers its Signature collection with stylish, modern frames that are a perfect mix of dazzling metal details and sophisticated acetates. Each pair of glasses features the unique “Carrera” elements such as the “Tank” hinge and the brand’s iconic Flag stripes.

Carrera Frames

The highlights of the collection are 164/S and 167/S sun wear styles and 169/V optical frame. Another groundbreaking eyewear concept from Carrera is the Photo-C Lenses collection. Each and every pair of sunglasses features the innovative photochromic Photo-C lenses, available in beautiful colorways, from Gold Pink and Gold Green to Dark Ruthenium and Black Havana. In the center of the new collection are oversized unisex mask shapes that perfectly express the brand’s love for bold and sporty elegance. The 3/S is a unique metal frame with three lenses on the front and C-logo on the central lens. Styles 1024/S and 1025/S feature a distinctive double brow metal detail with the Carrera flag symbol located on each temple. All glasses from the Photo-C Lenses collection embody the Carrera’s evolution into a contemporary world of coolness.

Carrera Eyewear

In 2020, Carrera comes together with the Milanese fashion house ETRO to offer an exclusive and truly outstanding capsule collection. The collaboration brings the assortment of unisex, kaleidoscopic aviators, inspired by the iconic Carrera Champion frame. The updated design comes in new bright colors, including red, yellow, pink, blue, green and black. The frames are a perfect mix of authentic retro design and impeccable craftsmanship. Crafted from Optyl, a durable, lightweight and hypoallergenic material, each pair of glasses features dégradé colored lenses that neither fade or discolor over time.

Carrera Eyeglasses

The sunglasses are embellished with the ETRO and Carrera logos which adorn the temples of the glasses. Unmistakable stylish details, timeless shapes, unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship are those core features that make Carrera stand out from any other eyewear manufacturer in the industry. The brand is inspired by people who live by their own rules, continuously defying themselves and proudly approaching life sticking out from the crowd. We, at EyeOns, are very happy to be an authorized distributor of iconic Carrera eyewear. Our authentic collections of Carrera sunglasses and optical frames include timeless silhouettes with bold volumes and brand-new details for an elevated aesthetic.