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Dunhill Sunglasses for Men

Dunhill™ - DU0046SA

$197.08 - $318.75

Dunhill™ - DU0005S

$246.63 - $397.50

Dunhill™ - DU0023S

$193.17 - $311.25

Dunhill™ - DU0029S

$194.70 - $303.75

Dunhill™ - DU0031S

$194.70 - $303.75

Dunhill™ - DU0045S

$197.08 - $352.50

Dunhill™ - DU0052S

$177.02 - $292.50

Dunhill™ - DU0026S

$242.76 - $397.50

Dunhill™ - DU0012S

$266.25 - $418.75

Dunhill™ - DU0045SA

$197.08 - $318.75

Dunhill™ - DU0036S

$177.02 - $292.50

Dunhill™ - DU0013S

$179.31 - $266.25

Dunhill™ - DU0022S

$277.50 - $311.25

Dunhill™ - DU0004S

$246.63 - $397.50

Dunhill™ - DU0002S

$194.70 - $337.50

Dunhill™ - DU0001S

$277.50 - $311.25

Dunhill™ - DU0014S

$179.31 - $266.25

Dunhill is the number one vintage eyewear for gentlemen. Dunhill sunglasses have been produced for several decades and were originally designed for quintessential English gents.    Owning a pair of uber-stylish Dunhill shades means that style is important to you and that you can’t deal with ordinary sunglasses. Only the finest materials are used for creating signature Dunhill frames. In addition, Dunhill impact-resistant lenses provide outstanding UV protection for the eyes. Browse our collection of knockout men’s sunglasses from Dunhill to find the pair that best fits your needs. The catalog of our online store presents a large selection of stylish and elegant models for every taste and whim. Welcome to the club of true gentlemen!

Timeless style is what sets all Dunhill shades apart. Handcrafted from high-grade acetate, titanium, stainless steel, etc., they’ll give you a classic masculine appeal while complementing your personal style. Every pair of Dunhill sunglasses is the perfect balance of sophistication and uncompromising quality. Always rich in details, these sunnies with a cool vintage vibe are sure to become your favorite accessory for every occasion. It’s obvious that Dunhill sunglasses are made for those who appreciate quality and live the ultimate gentleman’s lifestyle. Please note that all models of the famous brand are presented in a wide variety of materials. They are durable, skin-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. All materials are used to meet international quality and purpose standards. 

Men with high social status appreciate titanium frames, which will make their image more strong-willed and firm. Wear sunglasses with metal inserts during a meeting of company directors or in negotiations with business partners. Your interlocutors will definitely feel the strength of your character and the inflexibility of your principles. In private, a gentleman can wear frames made of acetate, plastic, nylon, and even wood. You do not need to show friends and family your unyielding will and strong character. Relax and enjoy life at the ranch, beach, or barbecue with loved ones. Use the filter by material to find Dunhill sunglasses that suit your taste. Pay attention to the variety of types of frames – rimless, half-rimmed, and full-rimmed.

Dunhill sunglasses are designed for intelligent and stylish men who care about their appearance and try to make the right impression on others. This accessory not only protects you from UV radiation and premature wrinkles. It expands your comfort zone and complements your unique style. The laws of modern life are harsh. You cannot look at a beautiful woman for too long without making her feel offended. But this problem is removed when wearing Oversized. No wonder models with enlarged lenses are so popular. An indiscreet look will not be noticed and an application to the court will not be filed. Celebrities tired of fans prefer to wear Oversized, Aviators, and Butterflies. They are best able to change the appearance and allow you to walk unnoticed through the cozy streets of ancient towns.

It is believed that full-rimmed sunglasses give solidity and change the appearance of the wearer as much as possible. Our catalog contains a wide range of frames for different types of faces. A square face is impressive, but if you are not a terminator or a cyborg, try to soften the harsh features with rounded frames of various shapes. Aviators, Cat-Eyes, Butterflies, Drops, or models embellished on the top or temples, as well as rimless options are suitable for you. The round face of a person holding an important position may not correspond to the height of his responsibility. The disadvantage is easily corrected with the help of rectangular models, as well as frames with sharp corners and high-set temples. The oval face is perfect. Experiment with any type of frame.

In the latest Dunhill collection, you will find options for any type of face – square, round, oval, pear-shaped, rectangular, elongated, triangular, and so on. Use the convenient site navigation and filters to easily find the accessory of your dreams. Regardless of the materials used, the color of the frame or the cost, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location. Do not buy Dunhill sunglasses from random sellers. The risk of acquiring a fake is too great. Poor quality products do not protect your eyes and fall apart like a sandcastle after one season of wear. You can also visit other brands listed in our online store catalog – MCM, McQ, Marchon NYC, and so on. Browse and order goods from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day or night.