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Fossil Eyeglasses

Fossil™ - Aron/N

$82.58 - $95.55

Fossil™ - FOS 6024

$73.57 - $83.33

Fossil™ - FOS 6084

$75.95 - $80.99

Fossil™ - FOS 7028

$73.57 - $83.33

Fossil™ - FOS 7033

$73.57 - $81.83

Fossil™ - FOS 7034

$73.57 - $83.33

Fossil™ - FOS 7047

$73.57 - $83.33

Fossil™ - FOS 7059

$77.49 - $80.99

Fossil™ - FOS 7061

$78.40 - $83.33

Fossil™ - FOS 7064

$77.49 - $80.99

Fossil is known best of all for its unmatched timepieces which became stylish and chic must-haves due to the company's avant-garde and innovative approach whether in terms of technologies, design, or materials. Fossil was founded in 1984 and with the passage of time became the licensed designer, manufacturer, and distributor for a row of prestigious brands among which are Burberry, Kate Spade, and more. The brand's line of accessories contains handbags, leather goods, collectibles, and glasses. Lynne Stafford, the brand's lead designer, drew inspiration for the design of retro watches from print ads of the thirties and forties. Our catalog contains a wide range of stylish and modern Fossil accessories for all tastes and preferences.

The early aesthetics of Fossil designs made the brand stand out.  Iconic “tin box” packaging was inspired by graphics from the American fifties and gained wide support from the consumer market.  Since that time, the brand's watches are packed in tin boxes. Along with watches, the eyewear impresses with its vintage aesthetic, functionality, and class. Fossil aims to create modern, on-trend eyeglasses or vintage-inspired frames which look fashionable, have unique designs and meet all needs of wearers in comfort and style. Fossil eyewear is associated with style and sophistication and is a perfect elegant complement to any outfit from chic to casual fashion. The brand from the USA appeals to successful people, regardless of gender, age, or skin color.

American quality means safety in every detail. Fossil accessories are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for the eyes and facial skin. They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. The 2022 Collection features a large selection of stylish and elegant frames in metal, plastic, and acetate. Ladies and gentlemen with good taste can quickly find the perfect model with the help of the convenient site navigation system. Use filters by material, frame shape, frame color, and frame type in the mobile and desktop versions of the catalog. With what parameter to start choosing a comfortable model? If tactile sensations are of great importance to you, decide on the frame material.

Metal is the most respectable. Frames made of this material are suitable for businessmen, politicians, and other public people. Wear them during negotiations with business partners, speeches to voters, and TV broadcasts. The metallic sheen of the frame will emphasize the strong character and social status of the wearer better than any words. Opt for acetate or plastic frames for everyday wear, as they are less irritating to the skin. Full-rimmed models can change your image beyond recognition, for better or worse. The portfolio of the famous American brand includes a large selection of frame shapes for different types of faces. Which option is right for you? Try the universal Aviators. This frame shape is suitable for most male and female face types.

Fossil offers a constellation of stylish and elegant Butterflies, for beautiful ladies. This frame shape is leading the way in women's fashion, along with Cat Eyes, and is suitable for businesswomen, professors, military personnel, actresses, politicians, and athletes. You can be feminine in any field of activity if you choose one of the elegant Butterflies or Cat-Eyes presented in the collection of the famous American manufacturer. A large selection of monochrome models and exotic patterns are at the service of sophisticated ladies. Comfortable Fossil eyeglasses will allow you to look intelligent and modern in any circumstance. Pay attention to square, rectangular and oval frames from the latest collection of the brand.

The classic never dies if inspired by the bold ideas of creative designers. The new is the time-tested old, adapted to the needs of the present. This is one of the main principles of Fossil, which the company has remained true to since its inception. Regardless of the materials used, design, or type of frame, we guarantee the impeccable quality of the original, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other respected brands in our catalog – Polaroid, Pomellato, Prada, and so on. Browse and order stylish and modern accessories from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day and night. The virtual club of connoisseurs of true comfort works without breaks and days off.