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Fossil Sunglasses

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Explore the collection of original designer sunglasses from Fossil, known as a large American company that designs and produces licensed accessories for a number of renowned brands. The brand was established in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis and specializes in the design and production of fashionable and accessible watches, leather goods, handbags, sunglasses, and more. In stylish vintage-inspired sunglasses, Fossil combines functionality and chic, contemporary interpretation of classic shapes with a unique design offering a great fashion look and innovative concepts.

The brand's philosophy is to create unmatched designs and to preserve the best of the past while reviving it for today making it modern and trendy. If you're in search of classic rectangular styles or glamorous oversized frames with sophisticated accents and chic silhouettes - Fossil will impress you with available options. You might like the provided choice of colors and materials with glossy or matte finishes. Complete your amazing look by choosing full-rim or semi-rimless frames. With spectacular and stylish Fossil sunglasses you will be delighted to be yourself.

Fossil is one of the most recognizable brands in the world for the production of watches. However, like many successful companies, the brand creators wanted to expand and continue with their clients something more. In 2013, the production of frames and sunglasses was suspended for an indefinite period, three years later, Fossil again launched an updated line of frames and sunglasses into production. Optical models of this brand always have a retro touch, but the collection has many models in a classic style. If you briefly describe the message that the company carries to the masses, then it can be concluded in a few words: fashion, fun, and quality. And the huge demand for Fossil products is due to the fact that the buyer can get all this at an affordable price.

Since it is customary in the fashion world to present new seasonal products to the public 4 times a year, Fossil's design departments are constantly working. To guess the expectations of consumers, employees are helped by constant monitoring of sales through retail stores. The distinctive features of sales leaders are being transformed, improved, and embodied in new models. Thus, it is possible to watch the release of new, unique models in various colors - from minimalistic black to bold red, and shapes - from rectangular to Cat-Eye. New eyewear products are in demand by young people, mainly due to their shapes, styles, and price. Fossil is the kind of company that produces products with an excellent combination of price and quality.

Despite the fact that Fossil optics are accessible to the middle class, you should not doubt their quality. All products are made only from high-quality materials. Metal or plastic is often used for production. Constantly you can find options from Injected Propionate - such frames are stronger, more flexible, and lighter than spectacular cellulose acetate products. This is a nylon-based hypoallergenic plastic. If the main frame criterion is lightness, it is better to take a look at Fossil propionate frames. Fossil is not afraid to experiment with design and material combinations. But one thing remains the same - quality. The company has changed people's attitudes toward frames, and now they can admire the style and attractiveness of the range.

Today, Fossil is a sign of good fashion taste. Fossil fans are stylish young people who value comfort, functionality, and high-quality sunglasses. Fossil is a leader in the design, development, marketing, and distribution of modern optic accessories. Men's and women's eyewear from this brand immediately gained popularity due to its originality and eccentricity. Fossil designers, drawing inspiration from all sorts of sources to create amazing models, never stray from their own recognizable style. This feature, the special chic of Fossil, lies in the exclusivity of the design of the details. The company's attention is focused on creating optical models that are unique in appearance.