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Ic! Berlin Round Sunglasses

Ic! Berlin™ - Liliya S.

$455.00 - $539.00

Ic! Berlin™ - MB 02

$585.00 - $595.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Eric D.-Sun

$529.00 - $549.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Pampeo

$529.00 - $549.00

Ic! Berlin™ - T 120

$569.00 - $609.00

Original sunglasses created without a single screw from ic! Berlin has long been popular with stylish people and celebrities. Madonna, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and many big celebrities easily wear the brand's glasses in real life, not for advertising, but because these glasses deserve to be noticed. Three students from Berlin - Ralph Anderl, Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling - invented a screwless hinge to connect the frame to the temples. Combining this innovation with the idea of making signature stainless steel glasses, colleagues created the first Jack and invited friends and acquaintances to a home presentation. That was the beginning of the story.

A lot of time has passed, and a lot of effort and persistence has been put in to bring a unique ic! Berlin product to the optical market. But today, as the brand celebrates its 25th anniversary, it is safe to say that the company has achieved great success, and its first-class eyewear, sold in more than sixty countries, are in demand among a discerning audience. Sunglasses and optical frames come in a wide variety of shapes: round, square, rectangular, as well as trendy geometric shapes. The models look very stylish and are great for city dwellers for any events and occasions.