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ic! berlin Classic Eyewear Collection

Ic! Berlin™ - Lance

$509.25 - $515.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Chromium

$523.75 - $528.75

Ic! Berlin™ - Ferrum


$509.25 - $515.00

The eyewear brand ic! berlin from Germany is famous for its distinctive sunglasses and eyeglasses of the finest quality crafted from 0,5 mm thick stainless steel sheet metal with a patented unique screwless hinge design for maximum functionality and unmatched durability. The manufacturer doesn't use any glue, welds, or screws in frame constructions to deliver extremely flexible spectacles for a precise fit. The Classic collection from ic! berlin offers iconic designs reinterpreted with modern details to provide unique and eye-catching eyewear of the best quality made from top-rated materials using only the latest technologies.

ic! berlin Classic Eyewear Collection

The Classic collection includes both optical and sunglass frames for modern men and women who look for stylish and interesting eyewear to emphasize their individuality. The Lars Decor is a pair of elegant men's eyeglasses made of the finest stainless steel. This square-shaped spectacle features a blue chrome / anchor lava inlay that adds a refined look. Impressive and lightweight, these glasses are ideal for contemporary men who want to complete their stylish outfits with an eye-catching accessory. The full-rimmed model is perfect for everyday wear to improve your vision perfectly and provide a precise fit.

ic! berlin Classic Frames

A Theorem is a unisex full-rimmed frame crafted from high-quality acetate and available in four interesting colors and sizes to match your taste perfectly and provide a wonderful fit. The round-shaped spectacle features a minimalist design, unparalleled lightness, and excellent flexibility with no screws. Any contemporary man or woman can update their wardrobe with a touch of elegance and refinement wearing this interesting and ultra-stylish optical frame. Every pair of ic! berlin glasses from the impressive and simple Classic collection is available with superior lenses to deliver a perfect and clear vision, whether you are outside or inside.

ic! berlin Classic Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Sunglasses for men Reese feature an oval shape to complete any fashionable look with an eye-catching accessory made from stainless steel of the best quality. A fresh and interesting rimless model is introduced in five attractive color combinations to match any taste. This durable and lightweight frame will serve you for many years perfectly, emphasizing your uniqueness and masculinity. Shades from ic! berlin guarantee 100% UV protection from the harmful sun, so you can spend a whole day outside without any worry. Choose from a variety of original sunnies from the Classic collection made by the best eyewear masters from Germany.

Every modern woman can find a perfect sunglass frame in the Classic collection from ic! Berlin. For example, pay attention to fashionable and interesting Sara sunglasses crafted from top-rated acetate offered in two eye-catching tones. Emphasize your feminine look with this square full-rimmed pair available in different sizes for a perfect fit. At EyeOns, we provide only 100% authentic ic! berlin frames designed and manufactured in Berlin to suit your needs and taste. Discover the full Classic collection from the popular brand to get super-trendy, ultra-lightweight, and extra-comfortable accessories of outstanding quality to complete your style.