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Kate Spade Sunglasses for Women

Kate Spade™ - DESI/S

$84.58 - $95.59

Kate Spade™ - REENA/S

$84.58 - $95.59

Kate Spade™ - YVETTE/S

$84.58 - $95.59

Kate Spade™ - DIONNA/S

$84.58 - $95.59

Kate Spade™ - Genice/S

$83.08 - $84.58

Kate Spade New York is the brand associated with an elegant and fashion-forward woman who lives her life with sophistication, substance, and joy. From clothing and shoes to handbags, jewelry and eyewear, each and every product is thoughtfully crafted in order to celebrate the individuality and self-confidence of the person wearing it. The Kate Spade eyewear line offers premium-quality sunglasses and optical frames, perfect for those women who appreciate an elegant look with a dash of playfulness. In EyeOns online store, you will find a large selection of stylish and modern accessories of this brand for every taste and whim. Kate Spade Sunglasses for women will also interest gentlemen who want to give a modest and elegant gift to their beloved.

The collection of Kate Spade sunglasses includes everything from bold butterfly-shaped frames and fun round shades with flower-outlined lenses to sleek classic aviators and ultra-modern geometric frames. Every pair of sunglasses features lightweight yet sturdy construction and comes paired with top-grade cr-39 lenses, which can boast of the same optical quality as glass. Feel fashionable and protected while wearing Kate Spade shades. Please note that all models of this brand are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials, in accordance with international quality and purpose standards. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and completely safe for the delicate skin of beautiful ladies. Choose from elegant and attractive acetate, metal and plastic frames. 

Ultraviolet radiation does not depend on the season. It always affects our eyes, imperceptibly and gradually. When your eyesight really deteriorates, you will have to buy not sunglasses, but corrective glasses. They are also present in the EyeOns online store, but we wish our customers a clear vision and a bright sparkle in their eyes. That is why it is so important to purchase comfortable and functional protective accessories from the best manufacturers, including Kate Spade. Sunglasses of this brand are attractive and beautiful, regardless of the design and shape of the frame. Our portfolio has a huge selection of models for different face types and aesthetic preferences. Easy site navigation will allow you to quickly find the perfect accessory for your appearance.

Full rimmed glasses can change your face the most, making it more formal or more playful, depending on the model. Rimless sunglasses have the least impact on appearance. If you have perfect facial features and just want to emphasize your intelligence and insight, use this option. For informal events, Butterflies or Aviators are most suitable. They will make your eyes more expressive and intriguing. Browline will add rigor even if you are negotiating with a business partner in a chic restaurant, among seductive scents and cheerful music. Semi-oval and square frames are perfect for round faces. Wayfarers and John Lennon glasses will make the elongated face more attractive. If you have a perfect oval, any frame shape can suit you. Experiment with your look. 

With our collection of stylish and modern accessories, you are sure to find what you need. Use filters to narrow down your search. Set the frame shape and type, material, frame color, lens and bridge width, temple length and price. An iron lady will definitely like a metal frame, but for informal events, it is better to choose acetate or plastic. These materials are less likely to irritate delicate skin, so they are recommended for everyday wear. The models from the latest eyewear collection by Kate Spade will give you maximum comfort in any situation. Use them when driving, cycling, skiing, at the beach and in the supermarket, at parties and picnics. Properly selected, this accessory will become a stylish and organic part of your image. As always, a woman should be a little mysterious. Only then will she be desired. Today, sunglasses serve as a veil.

You should not forget the direct purpose of Kate Spade's sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from harmful radiation, and the skin around the eyes from premature wrinkles. Keep your face fresh with beautiful accessories presented in the catalog of our online store. Regardless of the materials used, the type of frame and cost, we guarantee the exclusive quality of each model and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands represented in EyeOns – Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga and so on. Browse and order goods from well-known and reputable manufacturers at any time of the day or night. We consider our clients to be the best people in the world, so we offer the perfect accessories.