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Montblanc Sunglasses

Montblanc™ - MB0017S

$326.25 - $356.25

Montblanc™ - MB0206S

$186.96 - $288.75

Montblanc™ - MB0209S

$173.70 - $307.50

Montblanc™ - MB0218S

$214.08 - $348.75

Montblanc™ - MB0201S

$266.25 - $307.50

Flash Sale ends in

Montblanc™ - MB0006S

$195.00 - $258.75

Montblanc™ - MB0007S

$195.00 - $258.75

Montblanc™ - MB0013S

$247.50 - $266.25

Montblanc™ - MB0031S

$288.75 - $318.75

Montblanc™ - MB0032S

$296.25 - $378.75

Montblanc™ - MB0062S

$236.25 - $266.25

Montblanc™ - MB0082S

$195.00 - $217.50

Montblanc™ - MB0084SK

$195.00 - $258.75

Montblanc™ - MB0097S

$258.75 - $288.75

Montblanc™ - MB0116S

$288.75 - $318.75

Montblanc™ - MB0124S

$277.50 - $307.50

Montblanc™ - MB0145S

$247.50 - $266.25

Montblanc™ - MB0160S

$337.50 - $378.75

Montblanc™ - MB0174S

$277.50 - $318.75

Montblanc™ - MB0182S

$318.75 - $356.25

Explore the original designer collection of sunglasses for men from Montblanc which is one of the world’s famous manufacturers internationally known for its unrivaled exquisite fountain pens, jewelry creations, leather accessories, watches and eyewear. The company started its way in 1924 in Hamburg with the creation of “Meisterstück” fountain pen. Since then this luxury brand became an embodiment of elegance, prestige and exceptional mastery. Masterfully crafted, Montblanc's masterpieces are timeless and never age. Through decades, they have been valued by gentlemen with the most discerning taste. Montblanc's sunglasses are valued for unsurpassed quality, German craftsmanship and stunning classic designs with elegance and simplicity.

The collection of sunglasses showcases the uncompromising demand for style, shape and design, particular quality of each handcrafted luxury eyewear item and the utmost comfort. They perfectly fit and bring the wearer a feeling of uniqueness, style and exclusivity. Whether you prefer traditional frames such as elegant rectangular, square, oval and round, or you're in search of fashionable and originally looking models such as polarized Aviators or Wayfarer inspired glasses – Montblanc gives a huge selection of great designs and concepts. Only high-grade materials are used by craftsmen to create unmatched sunglasses. In addition, they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for the skin and face. All materials used fully comply with international quality and purpose standards.

If you are one of those people for whom the high level of luxury accessories is priceless, look through Montblanc sunglasses collection to pick up a pair of glasses, modern but having good enduring traditions, which will make you feel unique, valuable and unrivaled. The famous German brand is aimed at people who lead an active lifestyle and take care of their health. Scientists say that UV radiation affects the eyes throughout the year. If you want to maintain good vision until old age, wear sunglasses from the world's best manufacturers, not only in summer. Montblanc accessories are comfortable in all life situations. Use them while driving, riding, beach sessions, shopping, meeting friends and playing sports. Be free and healthy with Montblanc sunglasses.

Use the convenient navigation system on our site to quickly find what you need. The Montblanc 2022 Eyewear Collection presents original and practical models for every taste and whim. Become an aristocrat in a fashionable and elegant accessory of the famous German brand. Different frame materials are at the service of demanding connoisseurs of comfort. Choose titanium to look respectable during a business meeting with partners or an official visit to another country. A metal frame will add confidence to your image and convince others of your unshakable principles. For informal events, we recommend wearing plastic or acetate frames. These materials are not inferior in strength to metal options, while not irritating delicate skin.

Filter by material, frame type, frame color, frame shape and gender to easily find your perfect fit. Timeless Aviators, Cat-Eyes and other popular forms are at the service of ladies and gentlemen with good taste. If you stick to strict classics, you will definitely like oval, square or round frames from the famous German brand. What shape would be ideal for you? Pay attention to the size of sunglasses, which you can choose using the size scales in the EyeOns catalog. The width of the accessory should be equal to or slightly wider than the widest part of your face. Sunglasses for men and women are presented in separate categories of the Montblanc page, but many models are equally good for both genders. Choose unisex to always look young and attractive.

Whether you're a celebrity or just want to expand your comfort zone, you're sure to love one of the Oversized models. Be free and unrecognized among people and objects – in supermarkets, at exhibitions, in famous museums, and so on. We recommend buying sunglasses only from trusted sellers to avoid fakes. Cheap accessories look nice but don't have reliable UV filters, which will only worsen your eyesight. Regardless of the materials used, size or shape, we guarantee the impeccable quality of the original, reasonable prices and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other famous brands presented in our catalog – Boss, Bottega Veneta, Brioni, and so on. Browse and order elegant accessories from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day or night.