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Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley™ - Sutro S OO9462

$119.33 - $126.08

Oakley™ - Hstn OO9464

$111.96 - $150.34

Oakley™ - Coinflip OO4144

$126.68 - $164.85

Oakley™ - Contrail OO4147

$137.74 - $171.99

Oakley™ - Reedmace OO9126

$111.96 - $150.34

Oakley™ - Pasque OO9222

$111.96 - $150.34

Oakley™ - Parlay OO4143

$126.68 - $164.85

With a fashionable and stylish collection of premium sporty sunglasses from Oakley, it’s easy to jump into outdoor activities whether you prefer active sports, leisure, driving, running, or playing active games outdoors. To produce exceptional sunnies for athletic-minded customers, the brand uses patented technologies and high-quality lenses. The collection is offered in a wide assortment of frame shapes, colors, and sizes to fit any look perfectly. Engineered by the most skilled designers for excellent performance with no compromises to style, these frames are made for energized and contemporary people who prefer a sporty edge in their everyday outfits. In our catalog, you will find a large selection of stylish and elegant accessories.

Oakley provides aerodynamic goggles for those people who love skiing and snowboarding, as well as wraparound sunnies in semi-rimless and full-rim frames to provide a great fit and futuristic image. The collection also includes retro shapes, fashionable oversized frames, and chic rectangular glasses. Every pair of bold sunnies feature the logotype of the company or the O icon at the temples. Only the sturdiest patented by the brand materials are used in production, including a metal alloy C-5 and a durable polymer O Matter® to deliver functional and lightweight sunglasses that will protect eyes from the sun perfectly and serve for years. Please note that all materials used are safe for your skin and the environment, meeting international quality and purpose standards.

The brand offers titanium, metal and plastic frames. Choose the material in which you will feel as comfortable as possible. Titanium is the strongest and most respectable of materials. Such frames are worn by successful men and women to demonstrate their status and certain character traits. They look great on the head of state or department, who goes down the ladder of the plane or takes the parade of troops. A big businessman will make a very favorable impression on his/her partners in Oakley titanium sunglasses. Perhaps an Oakley Holbrook Ti is right for you? The next category in rank is metal frames. These are also fashion sunglasses. They hint at your firm position in matters of principle and are preferred by medium and small businessmen, as well as officials of various levels.

Oakley plastic frames are very affordable and very comfortable for everyday wear. This brand is aimed at athletes and the military. All models are distinguished by durability and reasonable luxury. Wear Oakley sunglasses for outdoor workouts, barbecues, beach sessions, parties and romantic walks in the park. Every detail of the accessory is thought out to the smallest detail, so it will not fall into the sand when you play beach volleyball. We offer different types of frames – full rim, rimless, semi-rimless. Which one to choose? It depends on your taste and aesthetic preferences. Oakley Frogskins Lx looks stylish and concise. Frameless eyepieces change your look the least. As a rule, these are traditional shapes – round, oval and rectangular. Semi-rimmed models emphasize the line of the eyebrows, making it more expressive.

Full rim models are represented in the Oakley collection in a wide variety of shapes. Aviators, Wayfarers, Butterflies, Cat-Eyes, Shields, Oversizes, Browlines and Irregulars are at your service. What is right for you? It depends on the type of face and on your intentions. Numerous online guides advice purchasing models that will soften facial imperfections. To look younger, choose clear or slightly tinted lenses, for example, Oakley Si M Frame 2.0. The main aesthetic rule is that the width of the frame should be equal to the widest part of your face. We recommend not to follow the current fashion thoughtlessly, but to take into account the shape of your face. Beware of fakes, as they can cause irreparable damage to your eyesight. Buy sunglasses and eyeglasses from trusted sellers.

Pay attention to the size of the accessory, which in our online store can be selected on the scale of values. Sunglasses should not press at any point of contact with the head and face – behind the ears, on the nose, in the temples. To control this, we recommend choosing goggles with flexible temple attachments that bend more than 90 degrees. Regardless of the materials used, cost and shape, our catalog contains models of exclusive quality that will be delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possible time. You can also visit the pages of other brands – Boucheron, Brioni, Brooks Brothers and so on. View and order accessories from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day or night. We value the trust of our customers, so we offer the best.