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Oakley Glasses and Eyewear

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Products: 124 of 3349


In 1975, James Jannard who was a motocross fan looked for ways to increase the grips on bikes that were covered with slippery plastic. Jannard created an excellent material unobtanium that was used in “The Oakley Grip” - the first product sold by the small company placed in the owner’s garage. A funny fact is the name “Oakley” came from James' dog and became the name of the world-known company. Nowadays, the brand has a great number of patents and trademarks, including Black Iridium, Unobtanium, High Definition Optics, Oakley Stockholm, Hydrophobic coating, RAZRWIRE, and many other.

Oakley Official Eyewear and PPE Partner of the World Surf League

Oakley is the leader in manufacturing high-quality eyeglasses of contemporary sports style, and in addition to their famous sunnies, the brand also creates ophthalmic frames to improve vision. Apart from this, the company offers a wide selection of goggles for mountain biking, motocross, skiing, and snowboarding. Years ago, this famed brand makes watches and provides a great range of premium products for men and women. In addition to these pieces, Oakley manufactures bags, backpacks, purses, shoes, wallets, belts, apparel, and many other items. Being a well-known company among athletes, the brand sponsors high-profile sportsmen in associated industries, including motorsport, tennis, skiing, ice skating, triathlon, and more.


With Oakley, it’s easy to follow any dream because this brand provides people with top-rated products for comfort and functionality. Started as a small startup by James Jannard in 1975, the company developed and grew up to be the leader in production sports equipment and accessories, including apparel, shoes, watches, goggles, helmets, and eyewear collections. Nowadays, many professional athletes and military members choose Oakley for their high-quality pieces that provide a sleek design and improve performance. Every product from this famed company is designed meticulously using the newest technologies and impressive innovations to give maximum comfort and unparalleled functionality.

Oakley Eyewear

Oakley offers a great choice of sunglasses and eyeglasses to suit any needs and requirements of a businessman who is searching for a pair of sporty glasses to show off his style or a professional runner who wants to improve his performance. Lightweight frames are crafted by the best professionals from the most durable materials, and equipped with premium PRIZM lenses in a wide assortment: PRIZM Sport lenses will fit any sports equipment, PRIZM Everyday lenses are ideal for constant wearing, PRIZM Gaming Lenses help to enhance visual contrast and protect eyes from artificial and natural sources of light; and PRIZM Snow lenses are made for professional ski sportsmen to improve their vision.

Oakley PRIZM lenses


The history of a famed brand is started in James Jannard’s garage where he started to work with an investment of $300, and the company was named after the owner’s dog. Jannard was a fan of motorsport and he started his business by selling unique grips for riders crafted from unobtanium - an innovative material he invented.

Oakley Frames

In 1980, a successful founder introduced the first goggles from the brand that received a huge amount of success much later, and three years later, a talented designer created the first version of ski goggles. The first pair of Oakley sunglasses were named Factory Pilot Eyeshades and launched in 1984. The next year, the company introduced its famous Frogskin sunnies. In 2004, the brand collaborated with Fox Racing in designing and producing high-quality eyewear for 4 years in a row, and in 2007, Oakley merged with a well-known Italian company Luxottica that includes many other famous brands.

Being a leader in worldwide eyewear manufacturing, every year Oakley sells millions of frames. All the glasses and lenses meet the latest strict standards and provide excellent protection from impact, wind, and sun, offering maximal comfort and incredible functionality. Nowadays, the company owns many patents and sponsors some of the world’s top athletes.