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Oliver Peoples 2023 Eyewear Collection

The Oliver Peoples company has its own romantic history, associated with the famous collector of rare glasses from the 1920s and 1930s. Talented Los Angeles designer Larry Leith discovered these “deposits”, appreciated the selection of models, and was inspired by the idea to bring retro style back to the modern world. Antique spectacles with gilded frames and delightful patterns had accompanying papers signed by the former owner, Oliver Peoples. True or not, it doesn't matter. A beautiful legend indicates the direction of the new brand – exclusive eyewear for exclusive people. The new is the rethought and improved old. This aesthetic principle has led many modern brands to success. Oliver Peoples is no exception.

Oliver Peoples 2023 Eyewear Collection

The Oliver Peoples 2023 Eyewear Collection features stylish and original accessories for special occasions and everyday wear. The designers of the famous American brand are convinced that a good style should have a zest that makes its owner stand out. The Lachman OV5419F square full-rimmed eyeglasses with thin plastic frames will appeal to open-minded gentlemen who love non-trivial solutions to standard problems. This comfortable and practical model will make its wearer more elegant and self-confident during a friendly party, romantic date, shopping and travel. Comfort is good visibility plus pleasant wearing for long hours of the day. This simple formula is one of the cornerstones of Oliver Peoples popularity among fashionistas around the world.

Oliver Peoples Eyewear

With a thin plastic frame, the unisex Finley Vintage Sun OV5397SF square sunglasses are the perfect complement to any young person's look, regardless of age, gender or skin color. Gender-neutral design is the choice of many people today. It allows you to look younger than your years, in a stylish and elegant frame from the world-famous fashion house. Oliver Peoples 2023 Eyewear Collection is aimed at successful ladies and gentlemen with good taste who prefer an active lifestyle. Vintage and practical eyeglasses and sunglasses will perfectly fit into the image of a modern person. They will create unparalleled comfort for their wearer during morning jogging, sunbathing, political debates, video blogging, indoor and outdoor workouts, and so on.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

The Jonjon (A) OV5173A classic full-rimmed rectangular eyeglasses are a worthy choice for professors, students, athletes, political observers and all those who prefer the image of a serious man. Oliver Peoples is very attentive to the choice of frame material for its models. Durable and environmentally friendly plastic, metal and titanium are available to demanding customers. All materials used are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for skin and eyes. Another unisex model – the Cary Grant OV5413F full-rimmed square eyeglasses – is designed for charismatic people who know how to manage their emotions in the most unexpected circumstances. This accessory is available in several shades, including Emerald Bark and Military Vsb. Ideal comfort is the possibility of choosing from several original options.

Oliver Peoples is one of the symbols of classic America, with its respect for human rights and freedom of choice. The famous brand from the USA offers a wide variety of designs, frame shapes and sizes for fortunate people. The TK-7 OV1291T semi-rimless irregular eyeglasses are a combination of bold design and a reverence for the finest traditions of European craftsmanship. One version of the model is offered with tinted lenses, for greater privacy of its wearer. The American dream begins with high-quality and comfortable accessories, according to Oliver Peoples designers. Today everyone can look stylish and elegant, at work or at play, with friends or enemies, day or night, summer or winter. Success relies on maximum comfort in every detail, regardless of style, taste or aesthetic preference.