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Persol Eyeglasses

Persol™ - PO3092V


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Persol was founded in 1917 by photographer Giuseppe Ratti and specialized in the manufacture of sunglasses for pilots and sports drivers. The main idea was to create technically advanced eyewear in order to provide the maximum level of comfort, protection, and excellent vision possible. Round-shaped protector glasses with smoked lenses and rubberized edges were provided with elastic bands to attach glasses to the head. It was the legendary Protector model which became so popular among the armed forces of the USA, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as among many famous racers and pilots. Yellow-brown lenses and silver arrows are internationally recognizable brand elements. "Silver arrow" is a patented functionally-decorative element of Persol glasses. It appeared in the thirties of the last century and became an unmistakable symbol of the brand.

One more distinctive feature of Persol is the Meflecto system - a set of flexible connecting parts of the frame, which provides a good fitting of Persol glasses to any type of face. Elegant, stylish, and sophisticated, ensuring protection, safety, and durability, made of the finest materials in accordance with the latest innovations - these are Persol eyeglasses. A significant part of manufacturing processes is handmade and the quality of products is under severe control. Research, new innovations, and excellent design - all demonstrate Persol Eyewear’s promise of extraordinary one-of-a-kind eyeglasses. The collection of eyewear contains simple and elegant classic frames with modern aesthetics for both male and female fashion lovers.

Presented Persol eyeglasses showcase contemporary design emphasized by original details and timeless silhouettes from square and round to oval and rectangular with rounded edges exuding a particular appeal. Eyewear is available in a variety of different catching colors from traditional tones of tortoiseshell, black, dark, and neutral to more colorful hues including exclusive brand patterns and finishes. As the epitome of vibrant Barcelona style, there are good reasons for the brand's success: great design and excellent quality. Carefully selected color combinations and decorative elements are characteristic of Persol glasses. The design of the frames is emphatically technological, and at the same time, such qualities as comfort and convenience are inherent in them.

The models of the Persol latest collections are made of modern materials, in particular plastic, and the combination of minimalist design and a complete understanding of the frame production process prove their uniqueness. Memorable products, expensive materials, and high-quality glasses made them in demand and led to the rapid growth of the brand's popularity and the emergence of numerous celebrity fans. The company's items are known primarily for their high quality and unique properties. Almost all models are perfectly combined with everyday style, distinguished by their simplicity and elegance. One of the most popular models in the brand’s assortment is rectangular-shaped Persol eyeglasses that in the shortest possible time gained immense popularity due to the fact that they could easily be matched to any face shape.

Today, eyeglasses can be not only assistants in vision correction but also stylish accessories. For many people, glasses are an integral part of the image, emphasizing the level of wealth of its owner, because even a modestly dressed person, whose face is decorated with branded Persol glasses, looks businesslike and presentable. Persol is a high-quality optical product developed using innovative technologies from the most modern materials. Brand models fully meet high-quality standards. It is all about striking design, true concept, and synonymous with style. Eyewear collections are made using only the most durable materials and are distinguished by their sophisticated design and concept. The brand's designers take care of every detail, from the exquisitely crafted shapes to the signature case, so you can focus on conquering the world in just one step.

Persol optical accessories have become undeniably popular all over the world. Very extravagant, but easily fitting into the context of any style, they become a worthy element in the wardrobe. The company's frames and sunglasses combine refined style and simplicity, functionality and comfort, iconic shapes from the past, and the most advanced production technologies. Every year the brand pleases its fans with new products. In the brand catalog, there is really a very large selection, where everyone will find their favorite glasses. If you want to look stylish, be in trend, and give preference to quality products that are safe for your eyes, the creations of this brand are the best solution. Buy the best from the best!