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Persol Eyeglasses for Men

Persol™ - PO3092V


$265.00 - $266.00

Persol™ - PO3160V


$322.00 - $324.00

Founded more than a century years ago in Turin, Persol has specialized in producing top-quality glasses and lenses for aviators and athletes. From the humble beginning, the manufacturer paid much attention to every detail, creating frames that were masterpieces of engineering and craftsmanship. In its 100 years of history, Persol has produced a vast number of ground-breaking eyewear styles destined to become bestsellers. Featuring a unique, indisputable design, some of them are still considered to be true icons. They are still made in Italy. Still by hand. Still scrupulously ideal, precise, and refined.

Utilizing the finest primary materials and the most innovative manufacturing processes, Persol creates outstanding optical frames. Our collection of Persol eyeglasses for men includes everything from evergreen rectangular and round silhouettes to bold and ultra-modern geometric and panto shapes. The range also includes an ever-changing series of iconic Aviator frames that will never go out of style! Let yourself be tempted by these striking men’s eyeglasses, all handmade in Italy, all crafted by hand, and all with the finest lens quality. The brand presents consumers with products that are thoughtfully designed and well-crafted.

Giuseppe Ratti's dream was to create a brand that combines high-quality materials and timeless designs. This is how Persol was born, from his idea and passion. Each product will betray any image of that eternal and mysterious charm that you will surely love. Persol is the future of eyewear: craftsmanship and design, innovative materials, and iconic models that never lose their appeal over time. This is a brand that looks to the future and hopes to surprise you every time with great products of its craftsmanship. They are authentic in tradition and successful in innovation. For them, experimentation is life itself. By constantly experimenting with materials, design, and manufacturing techniques, the company strives to reimagine the eyewear market.

Persol is a revolutionary name in the world of optics. This is a brand of reliable, durable, quality glasses - light as a feather and strong as steel. When you hold Persol frames in your hands, you understand that the efforts of the company's masters are not in vain: the glasses will charm you with recognizable shapes, and a lightweight, comfortable fit. Designers draw inspiration for the creation of each collection of these unique glasses from modern world trends. They strive to create things that are timeless, for people who value modernity, sophistication, and elegance. But the brand strives not only to unite the past and the future but also to invent new materials, production methods, and explore alternative lens technologies.

From the very beginning, in the production of Persol accessories, the main attention was paid to the use of advanced technologies and the use of the latest materials, as a result of which the brand's glasses and frames are famous for their excellent quality and look respectable and representative. Since the introduction of Persol glasses, connoisseurs of modern style have made them the benchmark for prestigious frames. The presented Persol models are designed for men who know how to show their confidence to the world. The front frame is made of innovative high-quality plastic, resistant to solar radiation and heat.  Stylish, light, and dynamic - this is how the Persol collections of medical frames can be characterized.  Whatever model you choose, the frames of this brand will emphasize your active urban lifestyle like no other.

Buying Persol brand products means making the right choice from a huge variety of prescription glasses, as well as sunglasses. Brand models are developed using special technology, fully performing the functions assigned to them, and the design team is working to develop an amazing style and sophisticated look. In the assortment of the company, you can see only original offers, high-quality products that will meet all the specified characteristics and properties, and at reasonable prices to look fashionable, stylish, and unusual. Frames are mostly made of plastic. This option does not give in to corrosion, is very light and durable, and does not lose its luster and chic over time.