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Persol Eyeglasses for Women

Persol™ - PO3201V


$322.00 - $332.00

Each pair of Persol frames is paired with unique Persol Signature Premium Glass lenses that are cut thoroughly to fit any spectacle. Over 100 years, this experienced eyewear manufacturer provides women with high-quality and comfortable prescription frames crafted with meticulous attention and care of the Italian company. These glasses feature eye-catching designs and unmatched quality to complete any contemporary look with a touch of refinement and improve your vision perfectly to satisfy your needs. Every frame and each lens feature the signature of the famous brand to guarantee 100% authenticity and excellent quality. Our catalog contains a wide range of stylish and elegant accessories for beautiful ladies.

Discover our online store to find perfect collections of women's eyeglasses introduced by Persol. Elegant and sophisticated frames and lenses are the product of experienced craftsmanship of the best Italian masters, who pay attention to every detail. Emphasize your unmistakable style with a pair of optical spectacles offered in a great assortment of shapes, models, and tones to match your taste and outfit perfectly. Versatile and durable Persol eyeglasses for women are ideal for any occasion. These lightweight and durable frames are made from top-rated materials to deliver unmatched functionality and an incredible look. Please note that they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and safe for your face.

The brand has gained well-deserved popularity among businessmen and sportsmen, movie stars and political figures. Although Persol is known for its sunglasses, stylish and comfortable eyeglasses will gracefully emphasize your intelligence and personality. Pay attention to the variety of materials from which the products of the famous Italian brand are made. Titanium frames are at the service of beautiful business ladies, in which they will feel confident and easy. This option is appropriate when discussing a multi-million dollar project or meeting with intractable male partners. Show with titanium eyeglass frames that a graceful woman can be as hard as a diamond. However, metal can irritate delicate women's skin, so we also offer other materials.

Plastic products are comfortable for everyday wear. If you are paying an official visit to a foreign country, there will always be time for informal communication in a cozy restaurant or on the beach. Wear frames made from the highest quality special plastic while driving, shopping, riding, exercising, visiting exhibitions and meeting friends. Persol accessories will favorably emphasize the advantages of your appearance and create maximum comfort for your eyesight. Filter by material, frame color, frame type and frame shape to quickly find your perfect fit. In addition, scales for lenses, bridges and temples are available. Choosing the right size is an important condition for comfortable wearing. Always be in your comfort zone!

The production of Persol glasses is still dominated by handmade elements. As a result, each accessory offered is strong and durable, which you can wear without fear of damage. The products of this brand organically combine the best traditions of European craftsmanship, bold design solutions and sophisticated luxury in every detail. The original aesthetics in the design of the models has become one of the foundations of the success of the 714 Steve McQueen Eyewear Collection. Classic shapes are presented in an unusual and fresh interpretation that will help you create a unique and inimitable style. The silver arrow on the frame has become a symbol of the famous Italian brand for many beautiful ladies all over the world. If it appeared in front of your face, do not doubt that you will attract the attention of respectable men.

Our catalog contains a large selection of traditional and very extravagant frames for every taste and whim. Lovers of the classic style will surely like square or round eyeglasses in pleasant shades. If you want to look feminine, charming and even intriguing, choose Cat Eyes or Butterflies. Thanks to the patented Meflecto system, Persol bridges and temples adapt better to the shape of your face. Forget about discomfort and fear during sudden body movements. Your vision is under reliable protection. Regardless of the materials used, the size and shape of the frame, we guarantee the impeccable quality of the original, reasonable prices and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Burberry, Chesterfield, Chloé, and so on.