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Prada Geometric Sunglasses

Prada™ - Active PS 08US


$121.67 - $282.00

Prada™ - Decode PR 20XS

$236.75 - $291.02

Prada™ - Decode PR 52WS


$202.69 - $279.24

Prada™ - PR 03VS


$177.61 - $378.00

Prada™ - PR 08XS


$193.15 - $225.00

Prada™ - PR 11TS


$174.25 - $310.00

Prada™ - PR 20VS


$202.68 - $233.60

Prada™ - PR 64TS

$193.15 - $352.00

Prada™ - PS 02VS

$141.68 - $161.30

Prada™ - PS 04US


$128.88 - $282.00

Prada was launched in Italy by two brothers Martino and Mario, who started to produce leather goods, jewelry, and accessories. Very soon, the brand became famous thanks to its creative designs and incredible techniques. Prada paid enormous attention to the tiniest details to make stunning products of excellent quality, and in 1919, the company even became a supplier to the Italian royal family. Mario didn't believe that women should take a part in their family business, but his son wasn't interested in it at all, and his daughter, Luisa Prada was heading the brand for almost 12 years, before her daughter Miuccia joined the team in 1970. 

Prada sunglasses feature luxury, extraordinary, and unique style to complete any modern women's or men's looks. Classic and trendy shapes of geometric glasses reflect creativity and sophistication paired with unmatched quality. Each frame is crafted from top-rated metal and acetate to provide unparalleled functionality and excellent comfort. Discover our virtual shop and choose a wonderful pair of shades from Prada to match your taste and style. With its undeniable traditions and modern technologies, Prada offers new and extremely fashionable accessories to satisfy even the most demandable clients. Look through a great variety of geometric shades for men and women offered in a range of impressive colors and beautiful finishes.