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Prada Shield Sunglasses

Prada™ - Active PS 53VS

$157.50 - $193.44

Prada™ - Catwalk PR 73VS

$216.31 - $518.05

Prada™ - PS 61US

$168.11 - $185.94

Prada™ - Active PS 09US

$150.41 - $282.00

Prada™ - PR 55XS

$166.29 - $173.28

Prada™ - PR 72VS

$227.94 - $274.62

Prada™ - PS 16US

$116.33 - $136.85

Prada™ - PS 57TS

$121.67 - $270.00

Prada™ - PS 05SS

$150.03 - $350.00

Founded more than a century ago, Prada is a globally-famous brand with a strong commitment to creating unique and cutting-edge luxury goods. It is synonymous with an original style that often dictates new trends. Inspired by art, photography and cinematography, the Prada creations feature a dynamic design, sophisticated silhouettes and bold embellishments that catch the eye. Each and every product is crafted from premium-quality materials utilizing latest techniques.

Prada represents the best of Italian tradition and culture. Its impressive eyewear collections feature unmistakable style, uncompromising quality and refined elegance. If you’re looking for bold, head-turning sunglasses, Prada is the brand to rely on. Its shields are real style statements that provide an exclusive and rich aesthetic. Bold details, vibrant colors and daring shapes define the new Prada shield sunglasses. Check over our exclusive selection of outstanding shades and find a pair that will make you feel confident and look fancy.