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Ray-Ban Eyeglasses for Kids

Ray-Ban™ - RY1056

$88.00 - $146.08

Ray-Ban™ - RY1052

$123.00 - $131.00

Ray-Ban™ - RY1054

$104.00 - $108.00

Ray-Ban™ - RY1550

$90.00 - $93.00

Ray-Ban™ - RY1585

$93.00 - $94.00

Many people, from children to adults, wear eyeglasses. When it comes to eyewear, your kids deserve the best. So what to look for in children’s eyeglass frames? The main problem is figuring out which glasses your kid will be willing to wear. You should choose attractive frames that will make them look more grown-up. Opt for hypoallergenic materials to avoid skin irritations, especially if your child has very sensitive skin. These days, the choice of kid’s eyewear is really impressive. However, today there are not so many brands that can boast of the same high quality as Ray-Ban. Choose for your child a stylish and comfortable model that will make him/her unique among schoolmates. EyeOns online store is ready to offer many interesting options.

Ray-Ban is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to premium quality eyewear for trend-setting juniors. Glasses from Ray-Ban Chromance Collection are equal parts fun and sophisticated. The best part is, they come in the same iconic shapes as the adult collection, including square, rectangular, round, Wayfarer, Aviator, and more. They also boast a vast array of frames and colors, making it super easy to find the right pair for any kid. Moreover, utilizing innovative materials like carbon and titanium, RB glasses (e.g. from the Evolve Collection) are supremely tough yet impressively lightweight, which is very important for children’s eyewear. If you prefer plastic glasses, we have a variety of Ray-Ban’s eye-catching plastic frames with contrasting arms. Your kid will look very elegant.

You’ll also find a range of Ray-Ban’s signature rectangular style eyeglasses in a rainbow of colors that kids are sure to love. Elegant eyewear has become very popular in recent years, not only among adults. Eye defects in children and adolescents are more common than before, and this is influenced, among other things, by the frequent use of electronic devices from an early age – tablets, computers, TVs, and phones. Some vision problems are due to your child's rapid development. The process of formation of all systems, including the eyes, is complex and depends on many factors. It is very important to encourage your son or daughter to wear glasses. If this complication is resolved in a timely manner, there is a high probability that in the future, the child will no longer need eyewear.

The ophthalmologist decides on the need for the child to use glasses after conducting appropriate examinations. The accessory should be, foremost, convenient. Common problem parents face is overcoming their child's reluctance to wear glasses. That's why it's so important that prescription frames for kids are as comfortable and well-fitting as possible. In our wide range, you will find high-quality and stylish models. The ultra-light and modern components used in the production of glasses will provide perfect comfort for your offspring. Glasses for kids should also be resistant to damage. A growing organism requires movement and play. This is obvious and normal. The accessories offered by Ray-Ban do not reduce the comfort zone for boys and girls.

Prescription eyeglasses for children often have additional reinforcements, and the temples are made of flexible materials that do not press on the sensitive area. The sections of the frame that surround the ears can be fitted with extended temples to stabilize the glasses on the head. When designing frames for kids, Ray-Ban considers falls, bumps, and abrasions. The famous brand pays great attention to the quality of materials so that the glasses retain their properties for as long as possible. Prescription glasses for a school-aged child may be fitted with blue-coated lenses. This layer protects the eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. It is very important if your son or daughter often uses a computer and other screens in the learning process.

If you want to encourage your offspring to wear this accessory, let them choose for themselves, even if their choice is too extravagant. Girls prefer bright and visually appealing eyeglasses that will accentuate their budding beauty. The wide and varied assortment allows you to choose shades of frames and colorful accents on the temples, for your daughter. Glasses for a boy should be chosen according to the temperament and age of the child. If the "adult" look of the accessory is a good incentive, use it. In a wide range of children's models, there are classic rectangular frames. If you are raising a Harry Potter fan, the choice seems quite simple. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Omega, Otis and Piper, Paul Smith, and so on.