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Ray-Ban Evolve Eyewear Collection

Ray-Ban™ - Frank RB3857

$161.00 - $253.00

Ray-Ban™ - Octagon RB1972

$154.00 - $213.00

Ray-Ban™ - Oval RB1970

$161.00 - $211.00

Ray-Ban™ - Oval RB3547

$161.00 - $213.00

Ray-Ban™ - Oval RB3547N

$154.00 - $295.48

Ray-Ban™ - RB3668

$129.00 - $263.94

Ray-Ban™ - RB3669

$129.00 - $159.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3669F

$129.00 - $159.00

The Ray-Ban brand was founded in 1937 by the American company Bausch & Lomb, which created eyewear with innovative glasses that do not transmit infrared and ultraviolet radiation. In 1999, the production facilities were taken over by the Italian manufacturer Luxottica Group, which has been specializing in the manufacture of optics since 1961. The fashion for original accessories has been preserved for decades, and the main series of models have been produced since the 60s of the last century. Evolve Eyewear Collection is a new generation of photosensitive lenses from Ray-Ban. Thanks to Evolve technology, photochromic lenses change color from lighter to darker almost immediately when exposed to UV light outdoors. The color change is not possible under any other light. After you enter the room, Evolve lenses will gradually return to their more transparent original color within five minutes.

Ray-Ban Evolve Eyewear Collection

Ray-Ban Evolve lenses are made from high-quality mineral glass that protects your eyes. The new Ray-Ban photochromic glasses with Evolve lenses are sensitive to changes in the brightness of ambient light. The use of innovative technologies has made it possible to create unique optical glasses in the models of this collection. Outwardly, this process looks quite impressive: the brighter the light of the sun, the more saturated the color of the lens becomes, and it begins to darken. This reduces eye strain and also protects the eyes from excessive ultraviolet radiation. Evolved lenses in shades blend harmoniously with the rectangular Octagon RB1972 model or round Round Metal RB3447 variant. A feature of round Ray-Ban models, in addition to their rounded shape, is the tubular metal of the frame, which makes the fashion accessory both very light and very durable. Round Ray-Ban glasses have a curved brow line and thin temples. This model is still popular today.

Ray-Ban Evolve Sunglasses

Ray-Bans with Evolve photochromic lenses are comfortable to wear on cloudy days and even in the evening. They automatically dose the brightness of the light flux, which reaches the retina, depending on the ambient lighting on the street. Outdoors, transform into full-fledged sunglasses, providing almost complete eye protection from UV rays (99-100%) thanks to the UV-400 coating. Indoors, the lenses adapt to the lighting and become more transparent. Glass photochromic lenses are convenient, practical, and comfortable. Many users note that on a sunny day, vision through glass lenses feels more harmonious and pleasant. Ray-Ban Evolve Collection Sunglasses in all colorways come with signature 'RB' engraved glass lenses with a gold logo on the right lens. They are made of tempered glass and have been the standard for all glasses since 1937.

Ray-Ban Evolve Frames

The models also retained the accepted approach to the selection of frame shapes, materials, and a unique sense of style and elegance. Ray-Ban lenses block harmful rays, eliminate glare, enhance contrast and color correction, and are highly scratch and impact resistant. The frame is able to restore its shape due to the unique properties of the material used. Lightweight and thin temples are made using special technology from a 7-layer polymer. The hinge mechanism is made without screws and soldering, there are not the slightest defects in the design, since the processing takes place with the help of a diamond tool. Classic gold frame with clear plastic temple tips characters Frank RB3857. The lens is coated with an external anti-reflective multi-coating (reflection) with a slight residual reflection to improve optical properties.

There is no doubt that these glasses are a fashion accessory that will complement your image, wherever you are. Ray-Ban created these sunglasses for those who don't want to give up the symbol of classic glasses, which in the RB4361 is the protagonist and has managed to adapt to the geometric shape of lenses that are fashionable nowadays, in a very pleasant way. State Side RB4356 sunglasses are made of durable, comfortable, and lightweight plastic and are ideal for both men and women. This model is available in many colors, both for the frame and for the lenses present, as well as a photochromic version (which brightens and darkens depending on the amount of light it captures). Discover a world of comfort and find the right Ray-Ban sunglasses at the best price at EyeOns.