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Versace 2023 Eyewear Collection

Versace™ - VE4430U

$184.98 - $202.71

Versace™ - VE4436U

$290.00 - $340.00

Versace™ - VE4437U

$290.00 - $340.00

Versace is a prime example of a family business that has expanded to a global scale. For decades now, this fashion brand has served as a reference point for fashionistas around the world and lesser-known manufacturers. Fate was favorable to the representatives of the Versace family. Santo proved to be a wise leader and a good financier. Donatella Versace did an excellent job of creating a great brand image. As for Gianni, he revealed to the world the masterpieces of his creative talent, which are admired by millions of fashionistas. From an early age, the future couturier cultivated a refined taste and an unmistakable sense of real comfort. These qualities are evident in every Versace garment and accessory, including eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Versace 2023 Eyewear Collection

Versace 2023 Eyewear Collection strikes with sincere sensuality, frankness, and beauty. Connoisseurs of refined luxury will not be disappointed with the stylish and elegant accessories presented in it. Everyone will find here something that corresponds to their ideas about real comfort and aesthetic preferences. Sophisticated ladies will love the VE1284 Cat-Eyes Prescription Full Rim Glasses with slim gold metal and plastic frames. This model will complement the individual style of the fashionista – actress, college and university student, professor, scientist, and politician. Beauty is the harmony of all components of glasses, plus the unique charm of the wearer. The Versace 2023 Eyewear Collection is designed with this principle in mind.

Versace Eyewear

Timeless classics will always be in fashion if one improves them with fresh and non-trivial interpretations, Versace designers are convinced. The VE1285 full-rimmed rectangular men's eyeglasses with metal and plastic frames feature soft hues in color pattern options. This model is suitable for balanced and calm gentlemen who most of all appreciate the harmony of relationships in the family and at work. The VE3326U full-rimmed rectangular eyeglasses with quality metal and plastic frames will appeal to self-confident men who prefer to act boldly and decisively under any circumstances. A feature of this model is openwork arms with the name of the brand. Versace is a magic word that opens the door to the club of true aristocrats.

Versace Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

The famous Italian brand appeals to successful and elegant people who prefer an active lifestyle and absolute comfort in any situation. Full-rimmed irregular eyeglasses VE3327U with a frame made of plastic and metal will perfectly fit into the image of a strong-willed and fortunate business lady, minister, head of a non-governmental organization, athlete, video blogger, and TV presenter. This model is equally well suited for everyday wear and public events – political debates, brainstorming, and workshops. The elegant and eye-catching model VE3329B is hard to confuse with other Versace eyewear, as the brand's openwork gold emblems are embedded in its temples, with rhinestones around the perimeter.

Versace carefully chooses the materials for its clothes and accessories. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, durable, and reliable, and in terms of glasses, they are safe for the skin of the face and eyes. The timeless Aviators will perfectly fit the look of a charming woman, especially if she has chosen VE2250 rimless sunglasses with metal frames. The wearer of this eyewear will definitely be noticed and distinguished from the crowd, thanks to a striking pair of golden emblems of the fashion house on each temple. Beauty is the perfect form, quality material, irresistible design, plus a bit of madness. The shocking elegance offered by Versace designers finds more and more fans around the world. This means that the brand has a great future.