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Versace Eyeglasses

Versace™ - VE1163M

$104.87 - $116.19

Versace™ - VE1233Q

$128.67 - $134.33

Versace™ - VE1247

$135.53 - $144.38

Versace™ - VE1257

$126.85 - $277

Versace™ - VE1263

$126.76 - $264

Versace™ - VE1269

$156.27 - $156.32

Versace is one of the most iconic fashion houses which is associated with Italian fashion.The company produces luxury garments and accessories recognizable all over the globe in particular because of the brand's catchy logo with the depicted Medusa Gorgon's snake-entwined head which symbolizes fatal attraction. The attraction was always associated with amazing Versace fashion. Also known as the House of Versace, the brand appeared in 1978 and had a great influence on the perception of Italian fashion around the world. Behind the brand stands Gianni Versace and his family which for many years is engaged in company's development.Fashion designer Gianni Versace was raised in the world of design and after the graduated from the high school he started as a young apprentice within his mothers dressmaking company. In 1972 he moved to Milan and worked for several Italian ateliers until he presented his first ready-to-wear show which was a great success. Within a decade Versace built a fashion empire by producing new clothing designs, jewelry, accessories, home furniture, and porcelain. In 1993 with growing popularity, his sister Donatella Versace created subsidiary brands “Young Versace” and “Versus”. Versace became known for his glamorous styles and usage of innovative materials such as aluminum mesh as well as for his unparalleled designs which can't be confused with any other brands. Versace creations are saturated with seductive luxuryThe fashion-forward Versace eyeglasses showcase the brand's sophistication, charm and magnetism. Frames are created in classic style with exclusive patterns and finishes including the familiar brand's logo and the gold and black color combinations characteristic for many Versace models.