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Versace Glasses and Eyewear

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Versace fashion house is associated with Italian luxury and glamour. The talented Gianni Versace was the founder of this brand which is still one of the most reputed and recognizable throughout the world. Gianni absorbed a love of fashion from his mother, who owned a clothing store. She taught her son how to sew and make clothes and that was the first and very important experience for the future designer which helped him create such amazing collections for his grateful audience.

Gianni created many designs which topped the list of the most iconic fashion creations of all time. Inimitable dresses he designed exuded seductive femininity and celebrated the beauty and sophistication of the female body. His designs were daring and sultry, bright and nonstandard. The famous emblem of the mythical Medusa Gorgon's head has become a symbol of the Versace clan as well as the symbol of luxury and fashion-forward style. It symbolizes the spell of the beauty which can be both bewitching and fatal, which can mesmerize and paralyze. Gianni foresaw the fashion trends of the new season. He did not obey the trends dictated by other authors in the fashion world - he created his own.


Versace is one of the most successful and famed Italian fashion houses, created in 1978 by Gianni Versace. At present, the brand is considered as one of the most chic and  significant in the fashion world.  Versace Group brings together more than  2,000 people, about 100 boutiques in more than 60 countries all over the world. The main direction of the Versace company is the development, creation and delivering  of the brand's collections to the market, including clothing,  sophisticated perfumes, exquisite accessories,  high-quality cosmetic products &nbnbsp;and high-end home furniture.

The style of the Versace brand is well-known and recognizable to all fashionistas is a combination of classics and innovation, courage and luxury, brightness and sensuality are characteristic of all products manufactured under the name of this fashion house. Gianni Versace Couture produces clothes, perfumes, watches, jewelry and cosmetics. Versace Sport - Sportswear & Accessories. Versace Ceramic Designs produces fashionable interior items.

Versace Jeans Couture is a line of everyday things, which includes jeans and various shirts. The Versace Collection is affordable clothing that has replaced the 2005 Versace Classic line. Versus is a line of youth clothing that appeared in 1989. In 2004, the line was closed, but in 2009 it was again put into production. The most successful, famous and wealthy people are among the fans of the  Fashion House products including Cher, Victoria and David Beckham, Madonna and many others. In 2005, Madonna became the face of the company, receiving in return for $10.5 million and the opportunity to purchase clothing of the brand for free during two years.


The talented Gianni Versace was the founder of this brand. Despite the fact that he is no longer alive, the authority of the brand is undeniable to this day. An Italian by origin, Gianni absorbed a love of fashion from his mother, who had her own clothing store. She taught her son how to sew and make clothes. Creativity, freedom of thinking and hard-working, instilled in the future couturier from childhood, became a great foundation for the new Fashion House. Over time, Gianni gained rich experience, which helped to create such beautiful collections as “Genny”, “Complice” and “Callaghan”, which made him famous in the world of fashion.

In 1978, Gianni Versace founded the family business  with the participation of his closest relatives. His brother Santo became the CEO of the fashion house and sister Donatella took over the leadership of the advertising department. The emblem of the company was the  Gorgon Medusa, known as the Medusa Rondanini, named after the Italian aristocrat in whose house it was first discovered. Gianni explained that Medusa was a synthesis of beauty and simplicity which symbolized the fatal spell, it paralyzed and hypnotized. He considered that his creations would produce the same effect on people. In the same year the company was founded, his first women's collection was presented featuring unusual styles, an original approach to the use of materials and rich colors. The collection got many positive reviews in the press and was the beginning of a stunning career of its creator.

In women's clothing, Gianni was always attracted by tight-fitting fabrics, mini-skirts, very deep necklines, as well as open arms and back. Sensuality and nakedness  are the main components of Versace fashion collections. It was he who revived the fashion for tight pants, extremely short skirts, corsets and tight-fitting suits. By 1982, Versace was formed as a titled and famous designer. He also gained worldwide fame as the creator of theater costumes for opera and ballet. The fashion shows of the fashion house were always pompous and particularly eccentric: with decorations, music, famous musicians, actors and models. Versace created clothes from completely new fabrics, he constantly invented fantastic designs and unusual cuts of clothes.

Outfits appearing in the collections were made of silk and could have leather inserts, decorated with prints or embroidery. Historical reminiscences became a hallmark of both men's and women's collections. After Gianni's death the reins of power from the company were taken by Donatella. Her main merit is that she kept the philosophy of the brand, but she rethought the aesthetics of the Fashion House and nowadays glamour and sparkles made way to the style of urban chic. Versace eyeglasses and sunglasses collections are made from the highest quality materials, and each model draws attention with its sophisticated shape and unique color schemes.