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Versace Greca Eyewear Collection

Versace™ - VE2212

$143.15 - $160.30

Versace™ - VE2216

$152.56 - $177.45

Versace™ - VE4395

$167.21 - $278.60

Versace™ - VE4396

$136.60 - $153.11

Versace™ - VE4402

$177.51 - $184.98

Versace™ - VE4403

$166.95 - $184.98

Versace is an Italian brand that has become a legend even at the stage of its formation. The history of the fashion house is inseparable from the personality of the founder Gianni Versace and in places resembles Greek tragedies in the best traditions of Aeschylus or Sophocles. The designer literally took off to the top of Olympus in 1978 with his vulgarly luxurious and intriguing collections, and Greca is one of them. Bright, flashy colors, provocative shapes, rich ornaments, and decorations - the characteristics of the fashion house are somewhat out of the traditional idea of ​​taste. However, the Gorgon jellyfish, brand logo, has been the most desirable for fashion people for more than half a century. Versace sunglasses fully reflect the creative direction of the brand. There are very few fashion houses in the world that have been able to push the boundaries in the same way as the Italian revolutionary.

Versace Greca Eyewear Collection

Pompous, luxurious, and daring are three adjectives that best describe Versace glasses. Models such as the mono-glass Aviator VE2240 have definitely left a serious impression in the history of eyeglasses and have become a benchmark for other brands. The stylish design of the models is created for young, free-spirited people who are ready to experiment with fashion in everyday life. This emphasizes the style and modernity of the brand. The Greca collection contains models from strict, ascetic with modest, but eye-catching gold accents to luxuriously bright, saturated, full of light and outrageous, which can capture the imagination of the most ardent admirers of glamor. There are sophisticated retro shapes here, which is Versace's exclusive and glamorous style.

Versace Greca Sunglasses

The feeling of simplicity creates a sophisticated image, while the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail receives the admiration of buyers who want to express their individuality. Sunglasses in the Greca collection of the Versace brand have a rich assortment and change from season to season. A variety of shapes and styles from the classic with round lenses to sporty options- everyone can choose for themselves. Versace sunglasses are characterized by impeccable style, elegance, and high quality. Eyewear of the company has gained great popularity among connoisseurs of fashion, all models of glasses are distinguished by a laconic design and sophisticated details on the temples. The Greca collection is an example of sophisticated style, perfect workmanship, and refined design. When creating sunglasses from this collection, the highest quality and modern materials were used (metal alloys, acetate, titanium, and high-strength steel).

Versace Greca Frames

Versace's enchanting prints and timeless signature décor on exquisite frames are impressive. The VE4403 is a great example of this. A variety of colors and thick temples with a geometric linear insert will definitely not leave you indifferent to the collection. The contemporary VE2216 with a metal frame features an irregular frameless shape and thin metal temples for a feel. A timeless sun protect model with sleek lines and an unobtrusive classic style, the past meets the future perfectly. A single design style is present on each frame of the Greca collection. Versace optics are characterized by the virtuoso decor and unusual silhouettes. The metal frame is usually treated with lacquer paints, this move makes the already sought-after accessory more attractive. The obligatory logo on the temples makes Versace sunglasses recognizable from a distance. These frames give a unique feeling of self-confidence.

The Greca collection from Versace is easily recognizable by its extraordinary unisex frames with teardrop lenses, as in the VE2212 model. Its elegant colors will not let you go unnoticed at a fashion party. There are all sorts of design variations from geometric patterns to the mix of shadows on a textured surface, the glasses relate to the everyday luxury that their owner is used to. The Greca collection is perfect for young and energetic people with diverse interests, ready to experiment with color and image. Despite the fact that the basis of this collection is sunglasses, medical frames are also present here. For example, the VE3318 model, whose important feature is lightness and convenience, which, combined with originality, makes them top-class accessories. The variety of shapes, directions, and colors in the Greca collection of Versace eyewear can satisfy the demand of every connoisseur of true style.