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Versace Eyeglasses for Men

Versace™ - VE3314

$136.79 - $142.45

Versace™ - VE1269

$156.32 - $165.44

Versace™ - VE1274

$139.88 - $142.45

Versace™ - VE1276

$130.73 - $136.12

Versace™ - VE3266

$126.70 - $142.45

Versace™ - VE3277

$114.45 - $129.79

Versace™ - VE3290

$120.73 - $129.79

Versace™ - VE3301

$122.23 - $243.34

Versace™ - VE3310

$134.68 - $142.45

Versace has firmly established itself in the international fashion world, along with other Italian giants. This country with a favorable climate and a rich history is conducive to the formation of good taste and sophisticated luxury. Versace entered the flesh and blood of modern society. This name is familiar not only to style and elegant clothing enthusiasts, but also to the general population. If you are not indifferent to fashion trends, you will definitely have a desire to purchase a cute trinket with a label of the famous brand. If you are on our site, this desire is quite feasible. In the EyeOns catalog, real gentlemen will find stylish and elegant Versace eyeglasses at affordable prices. Discover the world of beautiful and practical items right now!

Why was Versace so successful? One of the factors that made this brand a fundamental element of popular culture was its numerous collaborations with pop idols. Gianni Versace has dressed and befriended world-class music stars, from Elton John to Tupac Shakur. This openness to everyone was inherited by his charming sister Donatella. She took over the management of the fashion house and art projects. Versace is not afraid of courageous solutions. Each pair of glasses is individual and original, being a great addition to the unique style of a true gentleman. Start your acquaintance with the legendary brand through stylish and elegant accessories presented in our catalog. EyeOns experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.

You will feel the breath of sophisticated Italian style in every detail of Versace glasses. Pay attention to the deep classic colors of models for men. In the Greca Eyewear Collection you will find a wide variety of options for every taste and whim. We recommend black frames as their high class and versatility will set you apart from the crowd. By the way, they go well with casual and sportswear. You will present yourself perfectly in any situation, and this means a lot for a man who cares about his image and prestige. Do you want to look determined and intelligent at the same time? Put on extremely bold and finely crafted metal corrective glasses. The business partner, without further ado, will feel your iron will and strong principles.

Delicate frame decorations can look very masculine and intriguing. In these glasses, you will definitely find yourself in the focus of the Bohemian party and win the hearts of the most beautiful women. Enjoy the created effect with a sense of sophistication and superiority. Take your time to make your choice. The EyeOns online store does not close on weekends and breaks. You can wander through our virtual galleries day and night, enjoying the aesthetic and looking for your model among a variety of colors and patterns. Versace eyeglasses are not only your improved vision, but also an improved image. Soften the flaws of the face and emphasize its advantages. Use the convenient site navigation system to quickly find the right model.

Timeless Aviators and Oversizes, oval, round and square frames are at your service. Round-faced gentlemen are perfect with sharp frames with high-set temples, as well as Cat-Eyes and Butterflies. A square face can be rounded with Aviators, Drops, Butterflies, Cat-Eyes, and frames with patterned tops and temples. Use round and oval frames, as well as Aviators, to soften a rectangular face. For gentlemen with heart-shaped faces, we recommend buying oval, round or rectangular frames with rounded edges and a narrow bridge. Look also for low-rise temples. An elongated face can be visually shortened with Aviators, as well as oval, rectangular and round frames with wide rims. Many Versace models are extremely versatile, so they suit almost any gentleman.

Versace sunglasses are designed for people with good taste and a love of sophisticated luxury. But not only this characterizes the models of the legendary Italian brand. They are made from durable and reliable materials that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. Use our filters by materials and other parameters to find what you need. Regardless of the materials used, design or color, we guarantee the exclusive quality of the original, reasonable prices and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other legendary brands presented in our catalog – Balenciaga, Ray-Ban, Giorgio Armani, and so on. Welcome to the aristocratic club of successful people with good taste and a love for sophisticated luxury!