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Carbon Fiber Eyeglasses Frame for Men & Women

To make lightweight and durable frames, manufacturers use a wide variety of materials. Carbon is one of those polymers that can be recommended if you prefer lightness and comfort when wearing optics. The basis of carbon material is carbon fiber interconnected with epoxy resins. This composite material is tensile resistant, it is as strong as steel, but when compressed it is easily breakable. To fix this flaw, the fibers are intertwined at a certain angle with addition of polymer fibers and epoxies. Frame manufacturers use carbon compounds with various resins, thus creating an exceptionally strong material. Carbon frames look very beautiful and modern. Externally, they look like plastic frames but having more sophisticated design due the material properties which allow to make all parts thinner and externally lightweight. Today, carbon is used in various fields of activity: in Motorsport, in military technology, in skiing, etc.Carbon has long been used in the manufacture of laptops and tablets of the premium line, in aviation and space industries, that is, wherever the increased reliability and low weight are needed. Carbon material is perfectly withstands the impact of a wide range of temperatures. To summarize all of the above, the main advantages of carbon eyeglasses are strength, durability, elasticity of the frame and more sophisticated aesthetics, unlike classic frames made of plastic.