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Flexible Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Men & Women

Frames made from metal materials excel those made of plastic in strength and have a longer service life. Metal material is stronger than plastic and frames made of it are resistant to corrosion, look modern and distinguished by especial sophistication. In addition, metal frames are more expensive and emphasize the status of their owner. Spectacle frames made of metal, as a rule, are used for lenses of small optical power, since usually the rim of these frames is narrow. But this does not mean that they are unreliable. Strong metals and alloys ensure the durability of eyeglasses and their high strength. Today, the most popular metals for frames are stainless steel and titanium. The eyeglasses of memory metal are in demand. Such frames are made from alloys of titanium with other metals and after deformation return to its original shape. Frames from memory metal or Flexon how it is also called stand up to twisting, crushing, and impact. This option makes such types of frames ideal for kids or anyone who offhandedly uses his glasses. Elastic frames are almost always incredibly tenacious, even with the most careless attitude towards them.