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Geometric Eyeglasses Frame for Men & Women

Bally™ - BY5006-D

$103.19 - $107.26

Candie's™ - CA0129

$53.5 - $80.51

Candie's™ - CA0136

$53.5 - $80.51

Guess™ - GU1906

$87.52 - $102.2

Guess™ - GU1936

$90.23 - $99.37

Nowadays the variety of eyeglass shapes is impossible to count. Eyeglasses of numerous brands are so different in appearance, color schemes, materials and decorative elements. But anyway the similarity between them is evident - basic geometrical shapes can be traced in all modern models. So square, rectangular, oval and round shapes are those classical shapes which are the progenitors of all new solutions of popular frames which are in abundance at present days. Besides simple geometrical shapes fashion designers often resort to complex shapes when creating frames for glasses. Thanks to this, glasses with a large number of angles gradually come into fashion. So frames with five, six and eight corners along with triangles become more and more popular. Geometric-shaped glasses are perfect to enhance your style and to highlight your personality and you can always pick up geometric shaped eyeglasses ideally fitting your face type. Choosing glasses it is necessary to remember that the shape of glasses should geometrically complement a face. So round faces with soft features lack strict geometry and stiffness, while square and triangular faces with sharp features and corners just the opposite - lack softness and roundness. Any shortcomings can be made up if you choose the right geometric frame.