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Irregular Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Burberry™ - Eldon BE1356

$125.64 - $133.09

Burberry™ - Erin BE1350

$125.64 - $144.94

Prada™ - PS 53NV

$142.37 - $142.42

Versace™ - VE1257

$126.85 - $277

Prada™ - PR 57WV

$161.49 - $162.99

Prada™ - PR 60WV

$162.99 - $163.04

When it comes to sunglasses, we barely find more popular model than Irregular. The name of this model is historically precise. Roughly one hundred years ago the new type of anti-glare goggles was requested by U.S. Army Air Corps which had to be specially adapted for high-altitude flying. So glasses of irregular-style having metal framing and large teardrop-shaped lenses have been designed by famous optical products' manufacturer Bausch & Lomb. They had the anti-glare coating which eliminated reflections from the surface of lenses. First Irregulars were fitted with green tinted lenses - at that time they were considered to be the best for eyes protection not having the influence on color perception.

A few years later the company called the brand as Ray-Ban and Irregular sunglasses which were created for life above clouds, came down to earth and started selling out to the public. This pilot accessory set the tone for decades in eyewear fashionable industry, being a style symbol of coolness, chic and activity.

In today's life Irregulars had connection to casual and sports styles and is a staple in many eyewear collections. These eyeglasses are unisex and look great both on men and women being an indispensable accessory for outdoor activity, including traveling, driving, fishing and piloting, of course.

Irregular is also a great option for prescription eyeglasses, which can create a sophisticated bold fashion-forward style to the wearer of this iconic and timeless accessory.