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Oversized Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Valentino™ - VA3038

$177.98 - $183.47

Burberry™ - BE2271

$113.29 - $248

Burberry™ - BE2310F

$125.47 - $131.59

Fendi™ - FF 0364/F

$178.56 - $178.56

It's hard to imagine more favorable style of glasses than Oversized if you want to be noticed by absolutely everybody. These are pretty impressive glasses.
Primarily oversized style appeared in twenties of the past century.
That were post-war times which brought novelties in many industries including clothes and fashion.
It is astonishing to take a trip to the past to find the connection of different historical events and their influence on the way people have dressed throughout time.
The advent of new materials elegant and airy, such as chiffon, and popularization of jersey, inspired the creation of magnificent oversize looks. Oversized outfit and accessories quickly came into fashion and stayed, becoming more or less fashionable from time to time.
Main keys of oversize fashion in sixties implied flowing and big details of the apparel, accessories and jewelry. Conspicuous, bold and loud oversized eyeglasses may be regarded as a brainchild of that time. Firstly worn by eminent persons of the epoch they became a symbol of glamour, chic and confidence as only a very confident and strong personality could pull them on and wear with a view that loudly expresses: "Look at me! I am confident with all this! Go ahead and talk about me!".
Eyeglasses with big frames are still cool after sixty years. Celebrities are still passionate about them. They go well for a lot of faces and are the great way to make a statement about your individuality and knowing of fashion trends.