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Plastic Eyeglasses Frame for Men & Women

Many people wonder what is better: plastic or metal material for eyeglasses frame? This is especially true for those who choose glasses for the first time. Actually there is no definite answer to this question as it is a matter of personal preferences and taste, because each of these options has its own advantages and features. Plastic material is considered lightweight, safe and shockproof. If the skin of the face is sufficiently susceptible to the effects of metal, then the plastic frame will prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions. Customers also have the opportunity to choose the most suitable color scheme from the many presented. A lot of people say that plastic frames are more comfortable than metal and which is very important - they cost less and affordable for everyone.Many models of modern glasses are made with a special coating that prevents slipping which fix plastic eyeglasses reliably even on a wet face. It is exactly plastic which is so loved by designers as it allows creating of bizarre frame shapes, to embody fantasies of creative masters and to produce glasses for every taste.