Square Eyeglasses for Men & Women

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Products: 124 of 1591


What we should keep in mind when choosing a pair of eyeglasses? There are plenty of moments which have to be taken into account starting from face shape, color of hair and the tone of your skin, and ending with the type of your individual style. Don't dismiss peculiarities of your personality, your preferences and typical wardrobe. The deeper you know yourself and your facial advantages the better choice you make. You should think how to flatter your face features and what makes your eyes more expressive.
For people with round, oblong or oval faces the proper shape of glasses is Square. It is a simple geometrical form which brings to a face some kind of angularity, it makes a look more balanced and stable empowering the glasses wearer with features of permanence, confidence and reliability. Square shaped eyeglasses are good both with classic or casual styles of clothes. They also look good either for formal or informal occasions. If you pay more attention to functionality and usually guided by logic and traditions when choosing clothes and accessories - square imposing eyeglasses is a good match for you.