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Titanium Eyeglasses Frame for Men & Women

Titanium got its name in the honor of Greek gods Titans. Being the one of the most lightweight but durable metal it is used in the manufacture of aircraft and even spaceships. Since the eighties of the last century, this material has been used in the manufacture of eyeglass frames. Titanium is known for its beneficial qualities ofstrength, lightness, and flexibility it also offers more options than stainless steel in regard to textures, patterns and colors. Frames made of this metal will not be damaged even after numerous drops. Titanium frames are much lighter than other metal accessories therefore, they are perfect for comfortable constant wearing. They will not rust even after a long time due to corrosion resistance. Titanium frames do not cause allergic reactions due to the lack of nickel. The most exclusive, luxurious and prestige models of eyeglasses are created by world-famous brands and designers from pure titanium. Each pair of such titanium glasses will be the pride for its owner giving him pleasure, elegance, comfort and remaining in excellent condition, even after long usage.