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Nylon Sunglasses Frame for Men & Women

Valentino™ - VA4027

$214.6 - $233.39

Valentino™ - VA4031

$202.35 - $226.83

Valentino™ - VA4033

$198.89 - $203.85

C-Life™ - JONES

$78 - $105.13

Valentino™ - VA4008

$198.89 - $389

Nylon is a polyamide synthetic fiber, strong, flexible, resistant to abrasion, bending as well as to many chemicals. Appeared in the forties of the last century, superpolymer nylon, not only revolutionized the textile industry, but also became the first of a countless family of polymer materials.At first fishing nets and parachutes were made from nylon as well as hosiery products and other types of clothing. Spectacle frames made of nylon appeared later. Now frame manufacturers do not use nylon in its pure form due to its fragility. Instead, mixed nylon is used. Nylon is the main material for the manufacture of sports frames. Modern spectacle frames made of nylon are very light and durable - they are really difficult to break. This material is used to produce fashionable spectacle frames with a tight fit. Nylon frames are resistant to high and low temperatures (they do not change their shape), as well as to scratches. Sunglasses made of nylon and polyamides are also considered hypoallergenic. There is a wide selection of sunglass frames made of nylon in various shapes and colors.