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Wood Sunglasses Frame for Men & Women

The main trend of several past seasons was glasses in a wooden frame. An unusual accessory made of environmentally friendly material immediately gained a lot of fans. Such sunglasses are unique accessories handmade of natural wood. The frames are usually made of selected wood which undergoes a special treatment, impregnated with natural oils and moisture-repellent wax. Wooden sunglasses are water-resistant and do not deform over time. High-quality wooden frame withstands rainy weather and humidity. It will not deteriorate if you accidentally drop it in water or wash it under running water. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to keep wooden glasses in water for a long time. If to compare wooden frames with accessories made of other materials such their advantages as exclusivity, originality, eco-friendliness and convenience are obvious.The natural origin of the material makes it pleasant to touch and safe for health since the tree is a hypoallergenic material. The reliability of a wooden frame depends on a kind of wood it is made of. Wooden glasses are not just an object that protects the eyes. This is a way of self-expression. An opportunity to declare your personality. Moreover, wooden sunglasses surely look much more stylish and expensive than plastic or horn.